You can now stop seeing posts of my missing Patrones magazine – it arrived today! Hurray!!! Now my new dilemma is, what to make first?

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  1. Tuesday

    :::::::::::::Throwing Confetti into the air:::::::::::::::::::
    YAY!! I can’t *wait* to see what you make first.
    I really want to sub. to a sewing mag. that has patterns for women, I get Ottobre, but that’s all kids stuff, what do you suggest for moi? 😀

  2. Stacy

    Burda World of Fashion is one of my favorites. You get tons of patterns each month, the fit is great, and the fashions are very current. They occasionally have children’s pattern too! A subscription runs about $70year, but is well worth it.

  3. Anary

    Mazel Tov!
    An inspiration is born!
    I am glad you got your mag….I hope you still got some ink left to add more itens on your sewing list…:)
    Oh our sewing list..heheh.

  4. monica

    hi stacy I’m monica a just like to ask you how to subscribe to patrones magazine I would like to have that magazine, hope you can help me HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU BEST WISHES TO ALL THANKS MONICA.

  5. stacy

    There’s a couple ways to subscribe – has a subscription that you can purchase ($410.98!!!!!) and through the website. Their site is in Spanish, but if you email them, they speakwrite fluent English. I believe that their price is about the same as Amazon.
    I’ve been buying single issues from a seller on Ebay (they also have a website that sells them as well She is located in Germany, is prompt to ship out and very easy to work with. There are also a few other sites, I think as well, Marlo from the Neatherlands (I don’t know her site off the top of my head) sells them and A single issue comes out to be about $20 with shipping.

  6. stacy

    OOOps, I forgot to add – If you live in NY, Around The World books sells this magazine (they will ship magazines to you if you call) or if you live near Mexico, you can find Patrones magazines in Tijuana

  7. sarah c

    do you know where in tijuana you can buy patrones? I was there this weekend and looked in a few places but couldnt find it. any help would be great!

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