C Is For Cookie

Like millions of other folks, today (or for those of you on the other side of the world, yesterday) is a day for baking. I can’t take credit for these, however. These peanut butter blossoms are Taylor’s creation (and they are yummy).

In addition to these, we made plain peanut butter, chocolate chip, turtle, and chocolate chocolate chip. WHEW! Next, I’ll make a black bottom pecan pie – because if all those cookies don’t put us in a sugar coma, the pie surely will!
Since Bret was still feeling horrible yesterday, we didn’t go anywhere. Instead, I worked on my messenger bag – be prepared for a completed bag review after Christmas. It took far longer than what I expected to get this bag done, but it was well worth it.
Merry Christmas to those who are already celebrating the holiday – I hope you enjoy your day with friends and family!

3 thoughts on “C Is For Cookie

  1. Debbie Cook

    I made our PB blossoms a couple of days ago and they are disappearing so fast that I’m thinking they won’t make it much longer. I need to learn to make those last so they last. 😉
    Merry Christmas Stacy and family. Hope DH is feeling better soon.

  2. Tuesday

    Stacy they look yummy!! I hope you have a healthy house soon LOL 😉 I’ll take a baker’s dozen of the turtles, m’kay? :oP
    Can’t wait to see the bag 😀

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