The CleanUp

I seriously spent the entire day yesterday cleaning out the closet, going through the toy chest, and cleaning up the Bratz and Barbie area (I should have taken a before picture of that, too). While cleaning, I found Taylor’s Pez collection – this was some sort of tradition we got started eons ago. I forgot how many she had – In fact, this year I got her a complete Hello Kitty set. Maybe that was a mistake, we’re probably making her into some weird collector who will have a room full of Pez heads when she is older.

But now onto the cleaning. This is the closet now that it’s been organized and straightened up. You can now walk through it and I can get to my wrapping paper and gift bags! I didn’t have the heart to get rid of some of her older Barbie items, so I kept them – and pushed them wayyyyy in the back. Everything else has been put back onto shelves. I’m sure that she’ll go through the closet tonight and discover all the toys that had been buried in that pile you saw yesterday. I now have a small mound of toys to donate and hope to take off to Goodwill this afternoon. Thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement in getting this cleaning project done – I really needed it!
After I was finished up, I went back to to see if my fabrics were available – and they were! So I went ahead and picked up 3 different stretch laces, 2 yards of stretch velvet burnout (I’ll probably be sorry I didn’t order more), and several yards of some sushi fabric. And now, back to my regularly scheduled sewing.

4 thoughts on “The CleanUp

  1. stephanie

    Hi Stacy, I Just got your message about the messanger bag.
    I have alot of canvas left over too. I’m trying not to work on this bag right now because I haven’t finished Christmas gifts but it was going pretty fast when I was working on it. I had just finished sewing the side panels on to the front and back pieces. There were a couple times where I wasn’t positive about which piece was which even though I labeled everything. I can’t wait to get back to working on it. Let me know how it’s going.

  2. Tuesday

    WOW Stacy! I can’t believe you got that much done!! You inspired me…I got half of *the room* clean yesterday :p.
    I have a friend who collects Pez 😀 When my dh and I went to Las Vegas, we found this Pez collectors catalog, some of them are worth good moolah…(lots of fabric mooooney ;)…LOL)
    Good job 😀 good job.

  3. bernadette

    Amazing transformation!
    I’m sure you know that the founder of e-bay thought of the idea for it partly because he wanted to help his girlfriend – who collected Pez dispensers!

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