The Dreaded Toy Closet

I normally don’t post this early in the morning mostly because I haven’t accomplished much at this point in the day…. However, today is different. Today, I’m procrastinating. What you are seeing is the state of ‘the toy closet’ – it is beyond anything that Taylor can pick up (and frankly, I’d like to get rid of some of these toys and with her helping, we’ll never part with them). This is an all day job – purging, organizing, and ‘reconstructing’ (i.e. putting little pieces in the right container) toy sets and I’m really dreading doing this.

Maybe, I’ll reward myself with some fabric…. oh, wait, I went ahead and did that! I couldn’t resist Emma One Sock’s Heavy Metal knit print when it showed up on her site. I purchased enough to make a long sleeved shirt from it. I did resist’s gambler’s sale, however. I filled up my cart 3 times and abandoned it each time. As much as what I like some of the items that they have (and they are good prices), I’m afraid most of what I purchase may just sit in the stash. Maybe I’ll mull it over while I clean.
Tuesday had asked about a up-close shot of the image transfers I used on my pajama tops – and here they are:

The one on the left is the ‘vintage’ look and the one on the right can be found on my new set of pjs (if you look really hard you can see the tiny rhinestones I used on the left t-shirt). How do you rough up your designs to look vintage? Aside from accidently destroying the transfer, I think that I may have figured out a few techniques. First, use the matte style, which in the PrintOnIt transfers means peeling it off hot (the one on the right was peeled off cool giving it a glossy look). After peeling off the transfer backing, place a clean scrap piece of fabric over the top of your image. Spritz various parts of your design with water (not the entire image just spots), then iron. Portions of the image will peel off onto the scrap paper. Ironing over the transfer dry will also lift off parts of your design image, but not as much as when it’s wet. In the image on the left, I ironed over all parts of the transfer except for the face – I wanted that area to pop out more than the rest of the design. I think that the cracking etc will become more pronounced after I wash the shirt a few times.
So, I guess I’ve procrastinated enough – hopefully tomorrow, I’ll have a ‘clean’ shot for you all to see!

9 thoughts on “The Dreaded Toy Closet

  1. Lori

    I like to rid of toys every once in a while especially just before Christmas. Since I operate a dayhome in my home, I have so many bloody toys. Toys get broken too and in the garbage they go. Good toys go to the Goodwill stores.

  2. bernadette

    You will feel so good after you finish that closet clean-up. It might even inspire me to tackle a closet. (So make it sound like fun,okay?) Mine are very intimidating at this point because they have not been completely emptied in 18 years. Minor cleanups don’t make much of a dent anymore!
    One thing I have come to realize about my family’s clutter habits is that we are total suckers for HORIZONTAL surfaces. We just layer stuff on them. (Including the floor next to the bed, under desk, etc !!!! I think we are going to begin with a hard and fast agreement that all floors (even the closet floors) are off-limits for storage. It always seem so temporary, and then the pile grows taller and taller.)
    So I am trying now to “go vertical”. This means tall storage units with lots of adjustable, shallow shelves so no one shelf is tall enough or deep enough to accumulate layers. Most storage units do not come with enough shelves or are too deep. So I am always looking for better choices. And I like doors, too.
    Another idea, allowing for a larger surface area, came just last weekend from seeing a huge stack of hospital food trays.(Cafeteria’s have the same things.) I am thinking that a couple of the tall racks and a bunch of trays to fit would allow essentially an “open drawer” system where I could put one project on each tray and the height would be adjustable depending on placement of the tray in the rack. This would be best if the rack was in a closet so the whole thing would be out of view most of the time! And I could pull out and carry off just the tray I am currently working with. Plus maybe a “tools” tray to keep all that stuff in one place. And maybe a rule about how many trays I could store at one time! I am now looking for reasonable-cost versions of this idea.
    But I would still have to clean out some closets to fit the thing in! I am eagerly looking forward to your “after” photo.

  3. MeLisa

    Good luck with that closet. I would procrastinate too. I hate getting rid of stuff, Just ask John. Also thanks for the help on the outfit. I got the fabric out last night & I am really liking it. I posted some pics too if you need a break from the cleaning & pitching. Good luck!

  4. Tuesday

    Okay, first of all…I swear, I was thinking of tackling, what we call *the room* today…but I just don’t think I have the motivation for it! LOL. OTOH, If I posted that I wanted to do it, maybe I would so I’d have to blog world to answer to? I don’t know.
    Personally, I think you should go ahead and reward yourself with the purchase (what an enabler I am ROFL)…you deserve it! 😉
    Second, thanks for posting that close up. I LOVE that picture…it’s great, and I like the effect on each style. They are definately different, but both are great!! I’m digging the bling, too! LOL
    Okay, well, good luck with that, I hope that when I check back in later, it’s all done and you are happily sewing away (or doing NOTHING, which, for me is almost as enjoyable ;p…)

  5. Melissa R. Garrett

    Stacy, you will have to post a picture of the “after” closet. Don’t feel too bad. The only thing that saves us from having a closet like that is the fact that we have an entire basement in which to scatter the toys!
    LOVE the transfer!

  6. bernadette

    Now it’s the morning after your toy closet blog and I can say that thanks to your inspiration I just finished cleaning out ONE shelf of ONE cabinet in my kitchen. LOL! I did it partly because stuff fell out when I opened it! (Yes, they were “layered”.) I tossed out about 1/3 of the various half-used packets of food mixes. One was unopened but had a sell-by date of 1997! Well, It’s a start.

  7. Stacy

    I’m not ready to tackle the kitchen – yet. The next room that I may clean up is the ‘storage’laundry room, but not until after the holidays!

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