When Life Gives You Lemons….

If you read yesterday’s post, then you know about my disasterous attempt at using a transfer on my new pajama top. After purchasing a whole new round of fabric, I sat down and started over again.

I have to admit, putting it together went quickly and this time I waited until I was completely finished with the whole top before I added the transfer. Whew! Everything went smoothly this time:

And here are my completed pajama bottoms:

Even though I’ve made this pattern up several times, I’ve never done a review of it. So if you’re interested in hearing how it sews up (FYI – it’s a quick and easy pattern and sews up wonderfully), you can find my review here.
So, what happened to the mangled design top? Did I burn it? Consider it a wadder and throw it away? Use it as a dustrag? Suprisingly, none of the above. If you would have asked me shortly after I messed up the design, I would have tossed it, but after looking at it, I decided to give the shirt a second chance. So, I redesigned it. If you look at the first top, you’ll see that it’s large and roomy – great for pajamas, but not so stylish if you’re going to wear it as a top. So I took in the sides and substantially reduced the underarm area. Additionally, I cut off 7 inches off the bottom of the shirt (in my original top, I had not made the misses adjustment so it was already 2 inches longer than the finished design above) and made it into short sleeves. I ‘distressed’ more areas of the design to make it ‘vintage’ and added a few rhinestones for some ‘bling’. Ta-Da! I have a top that I can wear with track pants!

Oh yes, and my Burda finally arrived yesterday afternoon, but still no Patrones……..the saga continues. And a huge thanks to Debbie who pointed out the iron on transfer site, Printonit. I really like the way the transfers have turned out and have already ordered more!

5 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Lemons….

  1. Amy

    Oh wow! I LUV the print on the front! glad it was not a “wadder” …you’re too funny!
    I went to JoAnns today but could not find any cute fabric to remake Laurens shredding Pj’s…so I bought Christmas decorations at 50% instead!! I also bought snowman towels at Bed Bath and Beyond…now…why oh why did I not embroider my own towels? Just too tired I suppose. I can’t wait until the New Year to get sewing again.. you are such an inspiration…thanks for making my day… everyday! you have such a gift!

  2. Tuesday

    I loooOooOoOOooOOve it! Can you take a close up of the transfer? I want to see the bling ROFL…(Nosey much? Yes. :X)…I love it! I think I’ll order some of the transfer paper…I bought some at Target, forget the brand, it wasn’t great :/.
    Love reading your blog each day 😀
    Take care!

  3. Cristy

    Hi Stacy.. I’m new to pattern review and I’m making this top.. Actually made it and my collarband stands up instead of flat.. I’m using the same fabric for all.. a cotton knit. Any suggestions? thanks in advance.. Yours turned out awesome!

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