The Good And The Bad

I’m not sure if yesterday turned out to be good or bad, so I’ll let you decide.

Let’s start with the bad. I was working on my pajamas set, transfered the design to the front, then made a stupid mistake – accidently ironing over the backside of the design thus ruining it! In my attempt to try to correct it, I made it worse. It looks ‘vintage’ now, but not the look I’m going for, so I’m starting over with new fabric. DARN, it was looking so good too. I am also under the impression that there is a postal conspiracy for delivery of my sewing magazines. Not only is my Patrones missing in action, so is my December Burda World of Fashion.
Now for the good! Over the weekend, I got a belated birthday present in the mail from Anary. Inside were wonderful goodies including coffee (my morning indulgence), a dress notepad on a wire hanger, a Kwik Sew pattern, Utter Balm for my dry winter hands, and pattern sleeves. I’ve never seen the pattern sleeves before, but plan on putting them to good use – if you could only see what I’m working with now! Thanks again Anary – I loved everything.
Partners were listed for my Sweat Shoppe Swap
last night and I’m so excited about what I’ll be receiving! Soon I’ll be getting a set of clay buttons (does anyone know if you can put these in the wash?), a winter scene necklace, 3 sets of Happy Hairpins, a gingerbread fleece scarf, and a machine embroidery decorations! Woohoo! I’m so excited.
I also finished up the laundry – which means that I can devote more time to sewing (because I am procrastinating cleaning out that toy closet)!
And now for some things completely not related to my day:
For those of you who may have missed my review at Pattern Review, the photo on the right is my completed Simplicity 3935 pattern. Taylor loves her new pjs – she’s even slept in the fleece top (which I thought would make her too warm) twice!
While surfing the other night, I stumbled across the best free pattern for a stuffed dove ornament [link via craftncutie]!
Disdressed also has posted patterns for her mitten ornaments! An illustrated tutorial can be found here.
The new issue of Knitty is up! Be sure to check out the Eiffel sweater and the Venezia Napkin Rings, they are both fantastic!

6 thoughts on “The Good And The Bad

  1. Amy

    Hi Stacy…thank you for my morning entertainment…I’m at work AGAIN…there is a baby boom here in Denver…so I dream about sewing…AGAIN.
    The jammies are very cute…my Lauren’s are falling apart at the seams though…the flannel fabric is shredding. (Store brand… store name starts with a J)never again..
    I told my DH that I wanted a blog for Christmas so I can post my photos and share with everyone. Does anyone know if these are difficult to initiate?
    How old is Taylor? My DD is 10.
    Keep sewing!

  2. stacy

    Taylor is 9 and I believe that we have some similar store bought pjs – and I found they the store bought ones also bleed onto other fabrics, so they are banned from wear!
    My husband set this blog up for me, so I can’t speak about how difficult it was. Well, sort of – I did hear some cursing around the computer periodically, but only because I have so many templates to my site. I do know that Blogger, etc. have preset templates and are pretty user friendly.

  3. bernadette

    Thanks for all the fun links, especially to Knitty.
    Did you all see the TIME magazine Dec 4 2006 issue pp 100-101, all about sewing? I just found it at the gym reading rack. I don’t susbscribe but libraries often have TIME magazine. It’s interesting.
    Two different TV news crews (I think one might even be NBC Nightly News!) were planning to shoot stories last week about the resurgence of sewing – at G Street Fabrics in Rockville, MD (My former employer.) They sent out e-mail before it happened but I have not heard yet if/when segnents will be on TV.
    Sewing is “cool” again. Well, for me it always was!

  4. bernadette

    About your late magazines – the postal service seems to suffer a big slow-down due to the volume of holiday mail at this time of year. They kind of shove the heavy, uncritical (to THEM!) mail to the corner while they deal with the first-class envelopes (bills, cards) and packages.
    I have received several late “junk mail” ad flyers that have already expired coupons for the season. About one day a week a bunch of junk mail appears in my mailbox. A DIFFERENT day, the real mail arrives. My Mags seem to appear in “bunches”, too.
    Obviously, they prioritize “our” mail.
    Hopefully, your mags are just waiting their turn.

  5. stacy

    Yay! The Burda arrived yesterday. When I went to a mailingshipping place yesterday, I saw their suggested postings of when you should get your packages out if you want it by Christmas (I suspect it goes the same way for Europe). It said that if you want your package by Christmas (from Europe) then it should have been mailed by Nov. 6. My package was mailed on the 10th – so now I won’t get worried until a week after Christmas!

  6. Craftncutie

    Many thanks Stacy for mentioning my site. I have many more links for some fantastic freebies over there for all types of craft. Your blog makes for great reading. Many thanks and keep on crafting.

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