Sewing Up A Storm

It’s a little after 12:30 a.m. and I’m still awake. Why? I’m feeling very energized after an evening of sewing!

I went to Needle Nook Fabrics for their montly Sew In where I managed to start and finish Taylor’s pajamas (simplicity 3935) and made some progress on my own (McCall 3019)! Of course, that is nothing compared to some of the women who were there. The woman next to me made 3 sets of childrens pajamas while her friend made tons of toddler pants with matching doll clothes (I think she was up to 4 that I saw). Two women there even made 17 (or was it 19?) pairs of pajama bottoms! While I was there I also got to meet fellow sewing blogger, Sara. And while I did managed to stay away from buying any more fabrics, I did sign up for their lingerie class that starts late January. So if you’re in or around the Wichita area and want to take this class with me, give Anne a call and sign up!
So, now what’s next on my plate? Well, attempting to declutter the toy closet so that I can reach Christmas wrapping paper is high on my list as well as tackling the ever growing pile of laundry. After that, finishing my own pajamas, completing my second La Rue bag, and starting the High Street Messenger. I also have 2 knitting books that I’ll be posting this week as well. What’s on everyone else’s to do list?

2 thoughts on “Sewing Up A Storm

  1. Anonymous

    Oh man! I wish that I lived near a fabric store that had a Sew In! That sounds like such fun!
    By the way you do not have enough room here for my To-Do list. I have drafted a knock odd version of the Indygo Junction Nouvou Hobo bag that I am making for my Aunt in law for Christmas. I hope to have pictures post of t this week. Then there are umpteen aprons sets, wristlets, crayon holders, a knitting needle holder, a couple manly grill aprons (anyone have an idea for that pattern?) & at least one set of Humbug bags for my work gift exchange. I am sure that I am missing something but that is off the top of my head.

  2. melissa

    I’m happy to say that my To-Do list has just shrank considerably after this weekend! The main project looming over me was a leather handbag for my friend for Christmas (she wanted me to copy a much-loved bag, but in leather, with a faux-buckle snap), but I finished that today, so now the only things I need to get done before Christmas are a snowman plushie and a changing mat for my boyfriend’s sister’s yet-to-be baby, and a red velour bunny for the same sister’s 18 month old.
    Apart from that, I’m still whittling away on that &^%*%(& velvet pirate jacket, and I’m going to start on Vogue’s Mouret Galaxy dress after the holidays!

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