Sit & Sew Tonight

Debbie’s recent posts have made me want to make some pajamas for myself – so today, I ventured out to Joann’s to find myself some fabric!

Fortunately, everything was on sale – otherwise, this would be a very expensive set of pj’s. I found a blue paisleyswirl flannel fabric (normally 4.99yrd.) and two coordinating cotton jersey prints (found in the dance & skate section of the store which is normally 14.99yrd.). If everything was regularly priced – the cost to make this set would have been $41.21! I’m using a stash pattern, McCall 3019 – this particular pattern is easy to sew, comfy and has pockets. My fabrics are in the wash now, in hopes that I’ll be able to take this to Needle Nook’s sit & sew tonight.
In addition to the pajama fabrics, I also picked up 15 yards of pattern ease, New Look 6149 and several yards of black cotton jersey. Since my total went over $50, I ‘qualified’ for a $10 gift card. Apparently, no one at Joann’s knew what I was talking about, even after I showed them my flier, so they just took $10 off my purchase today! WOOHOO! To top it off, Bret and Taylor gave me an early Christmas present – an extra wide ironing board with a sleeve press. A gift only a sewer could love.

4 thoughts on “Sit & Sew Tonight

  1. Carrie

    Good for you getting the $10 off immediately! I got my $10 gift card which means I will make another unneccesary trip to Joanns and you know I’ll end up spending more than $10! But they did have an awesome sale today, everything I wanted was 50% off. Yeah!

  2. Anary

    I really liked you fabric 10 bucks off..I think the choice became gorgeus! Haha.
    Have a cozy time sewing 2night!

  3. Anonymous

    Hey great finds! Is there anything more maddening than store employees not knowing what is going on? It’s not their fault, but management should be on top of those things. Gotta love $10 off though, at least they had enough sense to do that for you.

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