Little Visitor

Since Bret was sick yesterday and slept most of the morning, I tried to keep quiet so I didn’t run my sewing machine. Instead, I cut the fabric for Taylor’s pajamas – Simplicity 3935. I’ve added this project to the sidebar. It looks to be a quick sew!

Meanwhile, my partner’s stuffie for the Little Visitor Swap arrived today! Taylor was very excited and immediately ran off with him. For the first photo, we posed him with a steaming cup of tea (he’s from England) and a latex glove to keep him germ free while he’s around Bret. Now we need to plan out various locations and events to take him to so that we can fill up our scrapbook to send back to my partner. It looks like Charlie will be attending a roller skating birthday party this weekend!
I must be on a pattern buying kick right now. I’ve been thinking about picking up several Hot Patterns. They are currently running a special, buy 2 get 1 free until Dec. 31. The cargo pants look very tempting, but I already have several patterns for this kind of style and still haven’t made one up yet. Dresses are supposed to be making a comeback this spring and my wardrobe is severely lacking some so I was leaning toward the Virtue Dress (not pictured, but should be on the site at the end of the week) or the So Pretty design. I’ve also been eyeing several Onion patterns – a company that I’ve never tried before. I really like 1021 and 1026. Has anyone ever made up either one of these jackets?

3 thoughts on “Little Visitor

  1. Melissa R. Garrett

    Stacy, I would LOVE to see you complete the So Pretty dress. Hannah keeps getting on to me about wearing dresses (or the fact that I don’t) and I would like to start dressing up a little more. Sweat pants just don’t do a lot for one’s self esteem.
    Anyway – I would like to know how difficult a dress like that might be to sew 🙂

  2. bernadette

    Browsing through the Hot Patterns site, I took a close look at their sizing charts. To my dismay, but not surprise, they draft for women 5’7″ -5’8″! I am only 5’3″ so am used to altering pattens by now. But that does not mean I enjoy doing it! I guess that’s why Burda seems to give me the best fit. They seem to be cut for shorter folks. At least they USED to be. I hope they haven’t changed.
    Patterns in general sometimes have “petite” adjustments printed on them but they mostly involve just shortening the lower half somewhere between the hip and the hem – not really much help. I seem to recall, from my early sewing days when I sewed a LOT, that there used to be more adjustment lines printed on patterns – back when petite meant UNDER 5′ and 5’3″ was average.
    Does anyone know if there are true petite paterns out there? My sister is even shorter and quite slim. She quit sewing when the patterns all started coming out HUGE on her.

  3. Stacy

    bernadette – I’m 5’3″ too! So I’m usually making the same adjustments. I’ve never seen true petite patterns either (the closest I can get is the jr. sizing, but even those are too long sometimes). Burda World of Fashion magazine does have 1 pattern each month this is drafted for petites only.

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