The Photos And More

As promised here are the photos that yesterday’s post lacked and a few updates! So, I guess this means this post has become an early weekend recap!

First off here’s my completed Butterick top:

I love this even more than my last one. I wore it yesterday while I went shopping at Joann’s and then out to lunch (PF Chang, yum) – it was so warm, comfy, and trendy, I just felt good wearing it.
When we got home, the mail had arrived and inside was my EQuilter fabric order. So without further ado, here’s my EQuilter fabric and the goodies I got from Joann’s.

The fabrics on the left will become the Amy Butler High Street Messenger (which has now been added to the sidebar) with the flame fabric on the inside of the bag. The fabric on the bottom right is the monkey ornament flannel for Taylor a set of pj’s and the tattoo fabric on the top right is just for fun. Sometime this week I’ll make a ‘voodoo’ pincushion from it. Of course, my Patrones still didn’t arrive. Cross your fingers it comes Monday so I’ll stop blogging about it….
The one picture that I didn’t take was the progress on my La Rue bag – at the moment the nailheads are attached and the lining and bag are put together. I still need to bind the handles, make the strap, and tassels – although I haven’t decided if I’m using them or not.
So what has everyone else been up to?

11 thoughts on “The Photos And More

  1. patsijean

    I have made 22 composition book (composition, journal and primary) cover gifts (which includes the cover with elastic, book, and matching pen. And, I fixed a too low crotch depth on a pair of pull-on pants which has a matching top. They go with a patchwork komono style jacket. The outfit got rave reviews at a party of academics who couldn’t imagine sewing anything. Have lots more to do, but the Titans game is on in 22 minutes.

  2. stephanie

    Your shirt turned out really cute. I might just have to make one.
    I’m making alot of progress on christmas sewing. I have three quilts pretty much finished and one more to do.
    My Messanger bag pattern came yesterday. Thank you so much for telling me about monkey foot designs. She was very fast.
    My daughter LOVES your fabric choices for your bag so I may look for a similiar combo for her.
    I am supposed to be workin gon aprons for Christmas but I keep putting other projects ahead.
    Maybe today.

  3. toya

    I love the stripes,, I used this pattern to make the dress and I wore it to work, it was a hit, this style is totally hot, and you look good in it

  4. Amy

    Hi! I like the stripes on your top! it’s very jazzy. You could call it your maniac top (from flashdance) It looks great on you.
    I too went to Joanns yesterday but came home irritated from the crowd and lines. I bought some red felt and ladybug buttons to make Bitty Booties from
    I purchased two patterns from simplicity to make Laurens holiday dress but we didn’t find any fabric. They will come in handy as she is going to the Daddy Daughter Ball in Feb. I’m sure we can find some pretty fabric in the Spring.
    I too purchased Sew News.
    I cut out a McCalls skirt pattern to make Lauren a skirt…then went to see Lauren in The Christmas Carol. Today I’m at work…SHHHH! dreaming about sewing…but work the next three days so I will visit your site and live vicariously through you!
    Happy Sewing!

  5. bernadette

    No sewing. But I did assemble the Wilton Gingerbread Tree kit. It was a bit messy. The icing was really not stiff enough to hold much detail even though I used less water than they said AND, finally, let it sit for almost half an hour before using it! It still is very cute and definitely looks “homemade”. haha
    I also made two, tabletop wreaths (15″ and 18″) from boxwood and pine cuttings and pine cones from my yard. I stuck the branches into wet Oasis blocks I had cut and arranged on platter. The small one has a house with a candle holder in the center. The large one will get a pillar candle center. I will add some ornaments and, later, fresh-cut red flowers. I hope the wreaths will last the season.

  6. bernadette

    Also wanted to say that I really like your new striped top. Lengthening the sleeves from 3/4 to wrist length balances the top well.

  7. Stacy

    Thanks everyone for the comments on the tunic!
    I am so impressed at the amount of Christmas sewingcrafting everyone is getting done – 22 composition books (wow, that is very impressive!). No gingerbread houses or trees for us (wayyyyyyy too messy), but we’re going to be making some ornaments (as gifts) soon.
    Keep up the great work everyone – just 20 more days until Christmas.

  8. Anonymous

    eek!!! stop!! nooooooooooo!!!!
    that striped shirt is EXTREMELY unflattering. don’t believe anyone who says it’s cute, they’re hallucinating as i suspect you are too. the front looks like a huge deformity hanging down and also gives off a stare at my giant stomach appearance. i can see it in a solid with slightly less drape. good luck

  9. Holly

    I’m making the Butterick 4920 now and I wish I had thought to do stripes like you did. I do like what I’m using–I wrote about it on my blog, I’m trying to get away from black by using burgundy–but those stripes are much cooler I think.
    I’m late on posting because I just now did a search for this pattern online. oh well. the previous poster is totally wrong IMO, I think it’s totally flattering.

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