In Need Of Pictures

Today’s post is photo free – mostly because I haven’t had the opportunity to get the camera out to display what I’ve been up to. However, I’ve been up to a lot!

My second Butterick cowl neck top is complete! Since winter has finally hit, I added sleeves and lengthened them to full size. Overall, the look is very ’80’s. If I had a pair of leggings and big hair, you’d swear you warped back into time.
I also started on the La Rue bag. Right now I have the zipper pocket attached to the lining and the pleated pocket inserted on the other side. I played around with my hot fix nailheads and made a horrible discovery – they slide off of pleather! I don’t know why I never thought of that possibility before (glue and plastic just don’t mix). So I hit several stores in search of pronged nailheads – who knew that they would be so difficult to find? I manged to find some at Hobby Lobby – they are supposed to go with the Gem Setter gadget that you see on infomercials, but I went ahead and got them anyway, I was desperate. I also looked around at their purse notions while I was there – if you’re in search for nice looking, inexpensive g-clips d and o rings for this bag, stop in at Hobby Lobby. They’ve had the best ones so far (and not to mention the best price).
I also went to the sale at Joann’s today – I couldn’t pass up the 50% off coupon that is good over the weekend. The sole purpose of this trip was to find lining fabric for the High Street Messenger. Since this bag takes 2.5 yards of material, coupons look very good at this moment. In addition to the lining fabric, I also snagged zippers – which means I have all the materials ready to go for this project, so cute snuggle flannel for Taylor some pajamas, a Sew News magazine (my subscription hasn’t kicked in yet), and two gift sets. Whew!
I promise to post photos of all my goodies and completed projects tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “In Need Of Pictures

  1. Anary

    Hey Stacy…Did you try something like super bond or krazy glue with your embellishment..? Just be careful because the solvents on the glue could melt the pleather at the
    embellishment surrounding areas!
    Glad you had fun at Joann!

  2. Stacy

    I had given it some thought, but had the whole melting idea like you did. The hotfix nailheads were pretty small too and I don’t have good glue control (I could see lots of gooshing )

  3. Zaneta

    Hi Stacy
    I love your striped version…I have a dress top similar to this. If it were a bit longer I would wear it with tights and knee boots. I one evening put this on and showed my hubby and he said it looked great. I just wasn’t game enough to leave the house with it being too short. You triggered my memory when you mentioned eighties..
    I love it..
    Kind Regards

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