Monthly Archives: December 2006

Change Of Plans

Originally, this post was going to start off something like this:

Christmas is almost here, so we’re heading off to western Kansas to spend some time with family.

That is, until the big snowstorm hit Denver and western Kansas closing off most of the highway we need to take to get to see those family members (I should add, that much of the highway is closed, not because of bad road conditions, but because there’s a lack of hotels available for stranded motorists). To top it off, Bret decided to visit the doctor yesterday for his sore throat and lost voice – come to find out he’s got strep throat (he hasn’t had it since the 8th grade). Needless to say, I think these are all good indicatiors that we shouldn’t be going anywhere.

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Yesterday was a day of packages. Starting off with a swap package from atsuko. She made these fabulous ‘happy hairpins’ that Taylor and I just adore – but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how she made them!

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Easy Marble Ornaments Tutorial

With Taylor having so many teachers to give gifts to each year, our Christmas budget can be blown very quickly. Quite some time ago, I started making swirled glass ornaments and packaging them in gift tins for coaches, teachers, and office exchanges. Depending on the number of ornaments you give and the size or price of the tin that you place them in, the cost per present can be under $5. So, if you’re interested in giving a cost effective gift this year, read on!

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The CleanUp

I seriously spent the entire day yesterday cleaning out the closet, going through the toy chest, and cleaning up the Bratz and Barbie area (I should have taken a before picture of that, too). While cleaning, I found Taylor’s Pez collection – this was some sort of tradition we got started eons ago. I forgot how many she had – In fact, this year I got her a complete Hello Kitty set. Maybe that was a mistake, we’re probably making her into some weird collector who will have a room full of Pez heads when she is older.

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