Winter’s Blast

Wow! Winter weather has finally hit here, hard! One week ago today we were in the 70’s – wearing t-shirts and fishing outside while the Thanksgiving turkey was cooking and today our high is supposed to be 22 degrees with 6-8 inches of snow expected (they even cancelled school and it just started snowing 15 minutes ago)! What a shock to the system this has been.

Aside from all the weather news, I sort of held to my promise that I would wait to order my High Street Messenger bag fabric. Since I’ve completed 3 of the 5 items on my list – I am 1/4 of the way through my new Butterick top (which means that I will finish this week) and my La Rue bag has not only been traced, but all the pieces have been cut out (which is above and beyond what I expected to do!), I decided that I would achieve my list and that I could rationalize buying my fabric (my swap got an extention so I still have 2 more weeks to craft another Office item). So, here’s my EQuilter purchases:

The picure on the left is the main fabric that I plan on using for the bag. Joann’s has a 50% off coupon this week and I’ll find an fabric that works with this for the inside of the bag (maybe something in black and white). The fabric on the right is just for fun. I would like to make a ‘voodoo’ pincushion like Jeffery’s from Project Runway, except mine would have tattoos (just like Jeffery).
Of course, I didn’t stop there……. I also visited Fabric Mart. I refrained from buying any bundles, although it was so tempting. Here’s what I did order:

The image on the left is a Maggy London silk dupionni – hopefully this will become my holiday dress (better get a move on, eh?) and the image on the right is Jones New York Chenille Brocade – I’m really hoping that I got it, I tried to snag the last 3 yards that they had. While I was there, I also picked up some woolcashmere scarves – I think that they might make great Christmas gifts!
And lastly, I ordered Burda Easy Fashion Spring 2007. It’s not out yet, I have no idea what will be in it, and it won’t be in English (I got a German edition again), but I couldn’t resist. They’ve been so good lately and they sell out so quickly, I didn’t want to wait until it was released. My rational? It was $8 – the cost of one Burda pattern!
Last, but not least, I joined another Craftster swap. This one is Sweat Shop Round 6. Basically, you craft 5 of the same items and then make a wishlist of items that you would like to ‘swap’. How fun! It’s sort of like mini etsy shops! If you’re looking to get in on this swap – signups are until December 8th.
As you can tell from this post, I’m rambling…it’s a combination of too much morning coffee and first snow of the winter excitement. Now it’s time to have a cup of hot chocolate and watch the weather!

6 thoughts on “Winter’s Blast

  1. bernadette

    That red silk is so hot!
    I hope it helps you feel a warm glow now that winter has apparently arrived with a bang. In the Northeast/mid-Atlantic, we are supposed to have a snowy winter. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Today it’s still 60’s!
    My sister and her husband just moved from MAUI (!) to Missouri but plan to move on soon to mid-Texas. They are really bummed about cold weather again…
    I’ll just have to make her something fun and warm.
    Question: Do you know of any on-line or mail-order sources of Burda magazines that don’t involve subscriptions or shipping from another country? G Street Fabrics (here) used to carry the full line but quit selling any magazines about 4 years ago.

  2. Stacy

    Maui! Wow, talk about shock! Texas may give them a little more heat, but depending on where they move they still have icey weather (I used to live in Dallas many, many years ago).
    I’ve seen individual Burda magazines on Ebay and I know that Needle Nook Fabrics in Wichita sells copies as well. They don’t have a website, but if you call them, they will be happy to help you out (a lot of their business is over the phone). The copies run $9 each at their store. There may be some Borders that still sell the magazine, but our local ones haven’t sold them in years.

  3. Mannogre

    How did you subscribe to Burda Easy Fashion Spring 2007, if you could not get an English edition? I use the and they have a variety of choices for Burda EF & WOF, including even Russian edition available! They are also pretty accurate with shipping dates.
    Good luck

  4. Stacy

    GLP still provides the Easy Fashion magazine, but only in German and Russian. When I asked about it, GLP told me that Burda has chosen not to print it in English anymore (I’m guessing that they just didn’t have the demand anymore).

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