Romantic Home Sewing

I’m in love. No, I’m not cheating on my husband, I’ve found a home sewing book that I absolutely adore, Romantic Home Sewing: Cottage-Style Projects to Stitch for the Home – and not just because it has ‘romantic’ in the title either. I love the this book for several reasons:

First off, it’s a sewing book. I love to read books on sewing, no matter what the topic. But, this book is different, it’s beautiful. Almost every page has some sort of wonderful photography displaying the projects. The photos look so enticing, they really inspire me to want to make the projects in the book, not just look at them!
Secondly, I love the style. The romantic look are those charming prints carefully paired with coordinating stripes, plaids and checks and splashed throughout a white paneled room. Now, you wouldn’t know it if you looked at my house – I suppose the best way to describe our decor is ‘modern’, but I could easily slide into the romantic look (I do have one room in my house that looks like this, which my husband has dubbed ‘The Museum’ since he’s afraid to touch anything in there).
Now, don’t let the title fool you. Even though it says home sewing, it’s not just curtains, bedskirts, and canopies. Included in this book are other fun projects such as clothing (aprons, bags, a fabric brooch, and lined baskets) and gifts (placemats & napkins, fabric-covered coat hangers, holiday stockings, and gift baskets). The instructions for the 30+ projects found in the book are very detailed – each step has an illustration to accompany the directions and are written in plain english (no technical jargain, yay!).
Christina Stutt, the author of Romantic Home Sewing, wrote that her “passion is to make things beautiful” and she does just that. It’s her passion that has inspired me to make more things beautiful too.

2 thoughts on “Romantic Home Sewing

  1. Anary

    Ok..You got me with this book! I will be looking for this book soon…I wish I’ve had read the post earlier…I just came from the book store..heheh.

  2. Stacy

    I really liked this book – I’m putting it up there with Amy Butler and Built by Wendy as one of my favorites. I’m going to have to remember some of these projects since I’ll have several bridal showers coming up!

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