I Love Great Service

You’ve got to love that Hot Patterns customer service! Yesterday, we (Bret and I) tried printing off the La Rue bag – needless to say, it came out way too small.

We tried different size paper, different orientations, no margins, etc. Nothing worked quite right. We believe that the pattern itself was designed to be printed off A4 paper (which, by the way must be difficult to find), so I emailed Jeremy & Trudy about what to do. I got a response back in 15 mintues and a copy of the pattern to print off on 8.5 x 11 paper. Our printer still didn’t like it, but Bret is taking it to work to print off and thinks it should come out correctly this time. So, if anyone is having similar problems, let me know and I will send you the PDF that Hot Patterns was nice enough to send.
I also ordered some hotfix, square, faceted, metal nailheads for my bag embelishments. I hope that they will work out the way I’m envisioning them in my head. While I was “shopping”, I noticed that there were some glow in the dark nailheads – oooooh, how fun is that? I almost ordered some, but refrained – I still have some glow in the dark thread that I need to use first!
UPDATE: Bret printed this off at work and had the most success with getting all the markings on an 11×17 sheet of paper. This may be our own printer issue, but if you have similar printing issues, you might want to try this larger sheet of paper. I’m taping it up tonight and will let you know if it measures out correctly.

22 thoughts on “I Love Great Service

  1. Elfie

    Ooo! Could I get a copy? I’d like to make the bag as well (although I may end up just using it as a guide…it’d still be nice to have one that prints better anyway).
    I love your site!

  2. Carrie

    Hey Stacy! I would love the PDF. My computer did not cooperate at all either, glad to know it just wasn’t my lack of tech savviness. I had finally just given up. Thanks!!

  3. Kelly

    Argh. I thought it looked too small when I *cut* it out! Why in the world would they not specify that it needs to be printed on A4 paper?
    Ms. Stacy, if you could send me that PDF, I would appreciate it. Thanks for the footwork!

  4. bernadette

    I had printed out the bag pattern right after Stacy blogged about it. I just NOW layed it out and measured and see that the finished size would be only 10″ W X 17″ H. That just might work for a preteen GIRL on your gift list.
    For myself, I may enlarge the pattern by hand or with a copier.
    I saw a couple reviews of this pattern already on Pattern Review and one person mentioned how SMALL the armhole was! haha! She enlarged the hole. I bet she had used the mini-pattern that downloaded.

  5. bernadette

    When I look at the pdf file pictures for this pattern, they are clearly A4 dimensions! Not that we’d really notice until we printed it, unfortunately.

  6. brenadette

    Possible fix: It turns out I also had saved this pdf file to “my pictures” folder. When I open that saved picture pdf version, I can adjust the printer settings to print out A4! Yay! Now, if only I had some A4 or other large paper at home. Sigh.

  7. Stacy

    Bonnie – if you send me your email address or fill in the email address line in the comments section (I’m the only one that can see it), I’ll send you a copy!

  8. Crystal

    Hi Stacy,
    Thanks for the comment and advice! I am already looking into fabric for the dress… could you please recommend a particularly “crisp” fabric that would work? I really don’t know fabrics too well just yet.
    If it is not too much trouble, I would really appreciate the pdf for the bag.

  9. Amy

    I too wasted a lot of paper as I printed this twice…I’m very supersticious (spell) so have decided against sewing the bag. However, I will enjoy watching everyones progress.
    Is the glow in the dark thread a seasonal item? Darn, I just finished some Christmas Jammies for my DD last pm…I’ll just have to make another pair…but for moi!

  10. Sylvia

    I really enjoy your blog and look forward to it each day. I would love the PDF version of the bag – I don’t even know what A4 paper is!

  11. Maureen

    I am looking forward to making the bag. Please send me the pattern.
    I read your blog everyday and it has inspired me to get busy on my projects.

  12. Stacy

    Maureen – I tried sending you a copy of the bag, but my email got returned. Could you give me a different email address to send it to?
    I hope everyone else has been able to print off the pattern o.k. Maybe we should all do a sew along?

  13. Kathryn

    Stacy, Thanks so much for being so smart to figure this all out!! I would have just made it the wrong size! Could you please send me the PDF file? I love to check your blog each day and see what new thing you’re up to. It brightens my day – thanks bunches!! 🙂 Kathryn

  14. patsijean

    I had no trouble printing the pattern once I told the printer to “tile all pages”. The pages were printed horizontally. My test page was small, sized for a teen as suggested above, but when I told the printer to “tile all pages”, each page was printed on two horizontal pages and when put together, they were the correct size. I have a HP Officejet 1150c; the widest it prints is 8.5″. Not all printers will have these settings when faced with A4 paper, but some will.
    I would suggest sending requests to Hot Patterns for the corrected pattern. If enough people send in a request, they may change the download options.

  15. bernadette

    A4 paper (which is the standard size used in Eupope, etc) is less wide, but longer, than 8.5″ x 11″ paper. My (older) HP printer adjusts to use it. Now, I just have to buy some! It will be useful since lots of origami patterns from other countries are offered on-line in A4 format size.

  16. Rose

    Hi, Stacy. I really enjoy reading your blog. May I have a copy of the 8.5″ by 11″ version of the purse? I’m not certain when I’ll have time to sew it, though, so I’ll enjoy the sew along vicariously. Cheers, and thanks!Rose

  17. bernadette

    8.27″ x 11.69″
    That is the size in inches of A4 paper, according to the Staples.com web site. I am sure it is simpler numbers in centimeters. (Which we would all be used to if congress hadn’t chickened out 30 years ago when we were supposed to finally “go metric”.)
    It turns out the stores do not stock this size but a ream of 500 is available online for about $12 plus shipping and tax.
    In case anyone besides me would ever want any! haha

  18. stacy

    I remember learning the metric system sometime during school – I think that it screwed me up for learning how to use a ruler for years (that and the fact we moved every two years while I was younger). LOL!

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