Toys to Sew

With the invention of places like Build-a-Bear workshop, it seems like the art of making stuffed toys has gone by the wayside. As much fun as those kinds of places are, there is still something about giving a child a stuffed toy made with love. This is what Toys to Sew: Dozens of Patterns for Dolls, Animals, Doll Clothes, and Accessories captures.

The first section of the book is devoted to rag dolls. These simple characters have long arms that are designed to bend (it’s much easier to hug your new doll when they hug back!), long legs, and come in both male and female designs. The author has also created a variety of clothing styles so each doll is well dressed for any occasion – from bathrobes and slippers to tutus and dance slippers.
The largest section of the book is devoted to stuffed animals and nursery toys. Here you’ll find instructions to create everything from pink elephants and button-eyed crocodiles to felted dinosaurs, hobby horses, and retro tea sets.
Templates for all the designs, along with the rag doll clothing is included in the book. These patterns, however, must be enlared on a copier (200%) and contains all the necessary markings for sewing such as notches, match points, sewing lines, and lines for joining the pattern before cutting – which makes it easier for even the novice dollmaker to start up this craft. Additionally, the author briefly describes necessary supplies and sewing techniques to get you started. Additionally she describes some hand-sewing and embroidery techniques, however, illustrations are not included so it might be necessary for you to have a secondary reference for this section .

2 thoughts on “Toys to Sew

  1. amy

    it’s funny, your recent projects from plush-o-rama have already inspired me to make my own stuffies & toys, because they were so adorable and wacky, much more fun than any store-bought toy. my mom, who made practically everything i had – clothes or toys – when i was a kid, made me my own me-sized raggedy ann doll and my beloved first cabbage patch kid – no pre-christmas mom fights for her! i even found the pattern book she used (xavier roberts little people pals) on eBay so I could make my own someday.
    love your blog! =]

  2. stacy

    OOOh, making your own Cabbage Patch – that is very cool! I know that Simplicity has patterns for clothes too. I loved those dolls when I was a kid!

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