A Big Man

There are some things in life that are cuter when they are small. Baby chicks, baby seals, and apparently, gingerbread men.

While Bret and Taylor went out to shoot some baskets yesterday, I decided to start on a larger version of my gingerbread man. Late last night, I had him finished and this is what I got:

I think that when you enlarge him, it looses something – it needs more embelishment, but I think that if I would try to jazz him up more he would look like Liberace. Taylor loves him, and that’s all that matters. However, in the future, I plan on sticking to smaller stuffed gingerbread men.

7 thoughts on “A Big Man

  1. Stacy

    hehehehe, interesting to look at is a nice way to put it! Our bird is terrified of it – so it is now looking at me with his one eye while I sew.

  2. Lori

    Being the proud owner of the smaller gingerbread man, I would have to agree that smaller is better. In fact, I don’t know why. I was sitting at my sewing chair putting my shoes on this morning and I picked up the little gingerbread man, and put him in my purse. I’m such a wierdo, or a 2 year old! I brought it to work because I thought it was so cute. After I clean off my desk, he’ll become my cubicle’s holiday decoration.

  3. Stacy

    I’m so glad you like your gingerbread suffie! I loved making it. If I was still wroking, I’d take one to work too – I’m quirky like that too!

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