Last Of The Weekend Shopping, I Swear!

I went fabric shopping again today….

Joann’s had another ‘doorbuster’ sale this morning, so I ventured out early to pick up some different goodies. I loaded up on the art kit sets – perfect for my friend’s children, polyfill stuffing, miscellaneous notions, and very little fabric (I say very little because there were some women there with 2 carts full of cut fleece. I also went to Hobby Lobby where I found the g-ring clamps for my purse, a photo book for the Little Visitor Swap, and some clear glass ornamnets that I plan on decorating for teacher gifts (originally, I was going to do covered notebooks, but Taylor wanted to help craft and I figured this was a bit easier for her to do). Anyway, below is a photo of my fabric purchases from the past two days:

The pleather is difficult to see (it’s on the far right) but the black bandanna skull and crossbone fabric is laying on top of it will become the lining. I thought that it would be fun and unexpected!
My company leaves today, my house is in shambles, the tree and decorations need to be put up, and Taylor has a book report & presentation that is needing attention so it’s unlikely that I’ll get to sew until Monday – and I can’t wait! I did make a pattern for a large gingerbread stuffie today, so I’m all set to make one (or two) up for under the Christmas tree. I have several books that need reviews written, two tops that need completing (not to mention my coat), so be on the lookout for all of these this week!

5 thoughts on “Last Of The Weekend Shopping, I Swear!

  1. Carrie

    I am jealous of your shopping! I did NO SHOPPING this whole week/weekend and I’m feeling it. We were at Sea World and I missed it all. But I have to tell you that the book I recieved for my Pookie win gave me a great Christmas idea. I’m making quilted coffee cuffs for Starbucks cups for everyone and will put them on empty Starbucks cups with gift cards inside. I’ve already done several for friends and they love them. They are great to bedazzle too. Thanks for a great book!

  2. Srephanie

    I can’t see the fabric photo?
    I also went out today, my husband wanted to go to Best Buy for something on sale. I went to a small fabric store, just to look, and found fabric for my LaRue bag.
    I have started a sewalong at Pattern Review if your interested.
    We also brought home a 7 month old kitten. Thoes adopt a kitten/cat people are so clever to set up all thoes cages outside near Best Buy. They look so sad. So much for sticking to the list.

  3. bernadette

    Your fabric photo does not show, as mentioned above.
    I did NO shopping -so far, anyway! Lots of cooking, though. I take apart the turkey and make stock and then freeze various portions of turkey and stock to make 4 more big meals! (2 of turkey/vegetable/ noodle soup and two of turkey pot pie. To be eaten LATER, when we are not so sick of Turkey. haha
    We saw the Marie Antoinette movie – very pretty to watch. Supposedly, it will have a big influence on Spring 2007 Fashions. Pastels, anyone? Maybe the corset-like bodices. Elegant or fragile-looking fabrics. Hopefully, not too many ruffles.

  4. Stacy

    The picture in Internet Explorer should now be fixed – if it isn’t, let me know. It was fine in Mozilla, but IE7 seems to be doing some strange things to my site…..
    I’ll be joining that LaRue Bag Sew-Along for sure! Are you doing the tassles? I was thinking about no tassles for my bag. I guess I’ll figure it out when I get to that step.
    All those turkey recipes sound delicious….I haven’t gotten sick of turkey yet – as of lunchtime today, all of it has been polished off and I’m wishing we had a bit more.
    I would have loved to have been at SeaWorld!!! I would have taken that over shopping any day! I’m glad to hear you’re liking the book – I love the coffee cuff and gift card idea!

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