Who Went Shopping?

Today, being Black Friday, I woke up at 4 am and braved the shopping crowds so I could start bright and early at 5 am.

I’ll spare you all the details of my expedition – besides, you never know what relatives might be reading right now and hearing about their gifts! I did make it over to Joanns (one is conveniently located in a mall) – what a mess! There were three people working the tables (I got there about 8:30ish), but there were women with their carts still piled high. I decided there was no fabric that I needed that badly and settled on a new water-soluable marking pen, a teflon foot, and a zipper. I tried going back 45 minutes later, but the looked just as long. Afterwards, I went to Hancock Fabrics – ah, much shorter lines (a lot fewer sales)! I bought some of their $1.99 fleece in brown which I intend on making some large stuffed gingerbread men like the ones I made a few weeks ago and some black & grey snakeskin pleather and notions for the La Rue Messenger Bag. I managed to find everything for it except the G-Ring clamps – does anyone know where I could get these (especially in a black nickle color) and what exactly do they look like?
What did everyone else buy today?

6 thoughts on “Who Went Shopping?

  1. stephanie

    I have been reading your site for about a month or two and it always amazes me how many of the same books and patterns we buy. I bought Plush A Rama as soon as it came out. Your Pluckys turned out great. Anyway, today I too braved the world to get thoes perfect gifts at lower prices. I was lazy though didn’t start untill 8. I did get 5 people marked off the list and they are all the hard ones. YEA!!
    We don’t have a Joanns or a Hancock so I was at Beverlys fabrics for the 25% off your entire purchase before 11. I found some fleece to make more creatures, and some nice t-shirt knits for SWAP but wasn’t able to find anything for my La Rue bag. Post a picture of your fabric when you get a chance, I’d love to see it. I haven’t searched for the notions yet.

  2. Kelly

    No shopping for me, hallelujah. Having a dinner party tonight, so I’ve been a happy slave in the kitchen. I did print off the LaRue pattern last night. I would think that G rings could be found in a hardware store?

  3. Kris

    My Joann’s wasn’t very crowded at 8:45 am (though I did wait awhile in line at the cutting table!), so I came home with about 14 yards of flannel, two packs of needles, and some ribbing. None of the flannel will be Christmas presents this year, though some may make it as such next year. The ribbing was for cuffs for a scrub jacket that IS a Christmas present, though…That was the extent of my Black Friday shopping – crowds are scary!

  4. Anary

    No fabric store for me…But I did get a blue tooth headset from my beloved as an anniversary gift! Well I got a sewing machine too. Yay!!

  5. Kathryn

    I’ve also been reading your web site for about a month or two and have enjoyed it so much. It inspires me so much to try to do all the neat things you do. I just printed off your pear pattern that I hope to make and printed the LaRue bag pattern after reading about it here. So fun! I was at our JoAnn’s this morning to get the great deal on the Rowenta iron. I was worried they would be out of them, but I got one around 8 am. I bought 2 bolts of flannel that hadn’t been cut so the manager rang it up without having to wait in line at the cutting table! Not sure what I will make but I figured I couldn’t go wrong at .99/yard. They’re both really neat prints! Thanks so much for such a great web site!!

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