Monthly Archives: November 2006

Winter’s Blast

Wow! Winter weather has finally hit here, hard! One week ago today we were in the 70’s – wearing t-shirts and fishing outside while the Thanksgiving turkey was cooking and today our high is supposed to be 22 degrees with 6-8 inches of snow expected (they even cancelled school and it just started snowing 15 minutes ago)! What a shock to the system this has been.

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I am beginning to plan out my projects so far in advance, that I really need to get more sewing done before I buy more fabrics, notions, etc. I am attempting to refrain from buying this fabric. I think that it would make a quirky, fun High Street Messenger Bag. However, I have so many projects that I should attend to before I get to this pattern, I am making myself a to-do list for the week:

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