Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

This is the first Halloween season that Bret’s ever been gone, so it was up to Taylor and I to carve the pumpkins last night. For quite some time now, we’ve done some sort of ‘Pumpkin Master’ type design. However, over the past few, we’ve been using ZombiePumpkins.com, which is where the above designs came from. It looks like it’s a pirate’s Halloween for us – Taylor selected the ‘Jolly Roger’ stencil and I picked Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow.

We also tested out the Pumpkin Master Power Saw. Taylor refused to use it (I had originally gotten it for her thinking it would speed up her carving time) thinking it looked too dangerous. I thought it was extremely helpful only if you’re doing large sections of designs – it’s not good if you have lots of detail work. Just to add to our pumpkin goodness, we also roasted pumpkin seeds which we are still munching on this morning.
Today is Taylor’s party at school, so I stayed up late last night (which means no sewing) putting together mini pumpkins for her class for a scavenger hunt. Each child gets a pumpkin with their name on it that’s stuffed with goodies and has to find it somewhere in the classroom. It’s amazing how much those tiny pumpkins hold. I managed to stuff a set of vampire teeth, some tattoos, a spider ring and a Gummy Body Part candy (fingers, ears, fangs, eyeballs, ick).

After this holiday, it’s back to my ‘regularly’ scheduled sewing!

4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. bernadette

    Happy Halloween! Your pumpkins look fantastic – great carving!
    Someone carves famous band leaders faces onto pumpkins to decorate the dance hall. I noticed this year that they have started using fake but carvable pumpkins so they don’t have to re-carve the designs each year! haha. They look very, very real, though.

  2. Amy

    Ah, great looking pumpkings! I love those kind–I do a different one each year–but I’ve never seen the zombie pumpkin site before–their patterns are great! I already signed up and even though it is halloween tonight and it is probably too late, I think I’ll carve my own after the kids go to bed from a sugar candy comotose! Ha!

  3. Melissa Garrett

    Your pumpkins look fantastic! We usually don’t carve our pumpkins since we live off a very busy road (and get no trick-or-treaters). But this year Hannah and my husband carved a few – it was too icky for Jacob. I’ll have to remember those sites in the future.

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