Halloween Party

As promised, here we are – the deadly assassins at a Kansas City Halloween Party. Even though we don’t look like we’re having a fabulous time – we were, everyone kept telling us to “look the part” and we had a horrible time keeping a straight face, this was a close as we could get! We weren’t the only themed groups out there, either.

We had a Frank & Jessie James, a team of football players and referees (it was a big group), Pandora & her box (someone actually dressed as a box), Jim & Tammy Faye Baker, a ‘rock star’ and his groupie, and one of my favorites Joan and Christina Crawford (complete with a wire hanger).

8 thoughts on “Halloween Party

  1. bernadette

    Your costumes look swell – especially yours, with those matching shoes! I hope you did all smile a lot, though, and had a fun time.
    The swing dance on Saturday was not “costume”, but a couple dozen (out of hundreds) of the people wore costumes. The best ones were two, different, go-go dancer costumed young women. The micro skirts were very well-received by the males. haha I just wore an orange tee top and a black, full skirt.

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