3 thoughts on “And The Winner Is….

  1. bernadette

    Congrats to Carrie! Love those pookies. But they DO make me want cake.
    Monday update:
    I made a small version of Stacy’s petal pin cushion and am ready to tie a larger version. These will be for the dance hall bathroom – one for safety pins and the other for threaded needles, a few sizes of buttons, maybe some ribbons for repairs of all sorts.
    I also made some little stuffed, calico, ginger-bread-kid-shaped dolls – not sure why yet – I guess the scrap projects inspired me. I used a cookie cutter to make a pattern but modified it to my liking.
    For weaving class, I completed last week’s homework to weave some textured patterns. This weekend we learned leno patterns – open weave, geometric lace-looks. I will do a bit more of that and then some more-solid weaving to finish off my “sampler”. Other homework is to design a simple plaid and calculate the yarn yardgage needed for our “personal plaid project”.

  2. Stacy

    I love the gingerbread idea! I need to remember that one with Christmas coming up – I’ve even seen cute candy buttons on the notions wall.
    You’re going to have to email me a picture of your sampler – I’d love to see your weaving.

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