Halloween Gingerbread

Taylor has been home since Wednesday for parent teacher conferences. So what have we been up to? First off, we made our Wilton Cooke House. Our version wasn’t already assembled and ready to go, so the whole decorating process took a long time.

This product should also carry an age requrement of at least 18 years old – it’s far too messy for any child (and most adults, such as myself) to work with! We did have fun making it and the kitchen smells like gingerbread, but I probably won’t run out and buy their Christmas kit.
We also made a trip to Stoneware Studios where we painted some pottery – Taylor made a Halloween themed mug and I made a Santa candy dish. The pieces will be ready to pick up next week, so I’ll post photos when they’re ready. We also managed to squeeze in some clothes and shoe shopping (we’ve already returned the boots she picked out – she had some ‘buyer’s remorse’ and thought that they now looked like galoshes).
Today, we’re heading out to Kansas City – this is the weekend of the Halloween party! I’m coming armed with my camera, so hopefully I’ll have lots of photos to share when we return.

5 thoughts on “Halloween Gingerbread

  1. June

    I adore the Halloween cookie house. That and the pottery expedition–what fun projects for the two of you.

  2. bernadette

    Your Halloween house is cheerful and fun! Great job.
    I think I’m going to have to have the Wilton Christmas Tree kit. I also plan to make miniature versions using graduated “flower” or “star” cookie cutter sets I found too late for last Christmas. I think I first saw the idea on MarthaStewart.com.
    When my sons were young, we made a special gingerbread creation most years. They were mostly my own patterns. There was a train, a castle, and a Three Bear’s House (furnished and with occupants, all in gingerbread.) My favorite part was after the holidays when I could break up the now-hard gingerbread and eat it, dippping it in hot spiced tea, for most of January. The kids would eat the candy decorations but no one liked gingerbread except me. haha

  3. Amy

    Great house! Last weekend we hosted a Pumpking Carving Party and my next door neighbor brought that same house to the party! The kids loved it! Have fun in Kansas City!

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