Pin Cushions

What do I do when I can’t blog? I make pin cushions!

While my site was down the other day, I found that I couldn’t really concentrate on my jacket – so I tried something simpler, making pin cushions! I started out trying to make one of Carrie’s Pookies. However, I really need to work on scale because I made the largest piece of cake! (I’ll be saving that photo for another day…….)
After making dessert that looked fitting for Paul Bunyan, I decided to try out the petal pincushion from Whip Up. Here’s my results:

I recomend using a compass to make your circles – it really does make things easier. Since we didn’t have one at our house, I had to go out and purchase one. Apparently, these babies are hard to come across, I had to go to several stores before I found one!
Don’t forget that voting is still going on for the Fabric Scrap Contest! Since the site was down for awhile, I’ll keep voting going until Monday at 9 a.m. CST, after which, I’ll announce the winner. I hope everyone has enjoyed the contest – I’m thinking about running more in the future.

9 thoughts on “Pin Cushions

  1. Kelly

    Neat! I was given one of those pincushions from my button swap partner.. and wanted to know how to make it! As for the compass, I wouldn’t have enough patience to go to more than one store. I will be tracing around a bowl or something similar. (would that work?)

  2. bernadette

    I like your layered version! Very pretty. Even though I have some cute, and some merely functional, pin cushions, I will have to make this one, too!
    In fact, I think I will make one or two to hang in the ladies’ room at the big, old ballroom where we swing dance almost every Saturday night. It would be handy for instant fixes if loaded up with safety pins and threaded needles.
    There are various dances at the restored, 1930’s era , Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo National Park (Maryland) most Thursday through Sunday evenings and the ballroom holds up to 900 dancers. (A few times a year the dances actually “sell out”.) That’s a lot of potential for “wardrobe malfunctions”!
    And a great excuse to make pincushions.

  3. Anary

    WOw…What a beautiful piece.
    Compass..great tool to have around. I can easily find them at the school material section of drugstores and also they are available at dollar stores. Maybe I am lucky (?), but I am always coming across of compasses…:).
    Fabulous pincushion! Beautiful pieces like that are worth putting on your coffe table as a conversation starter! Great as a gift, ha?!

  4. Stacy

    Yes, bowls and cups would work great too! I just wanted to be able to make varying sizes – plus I like new school supplies 🙂
    I was told the best place to find a compass was an office supply store. Apparently they have more drafting materials and schools don’t necessarly use them anymore?!?
    This pattern is great! I highly recommend it – it is easily put together from start to finish in 30 minutes!

  5. Anonymous

    Very cute! I like the fabrics you used. I think I got my compass at Wal-Mart of all places. I mostly use it to add seam allowances to my WOF patterns. Now I guess I can put it to another use. I have always used plates & any other round object we have sitting around if I need a bigger circle.

  6. Carrie

    That pincushion is gorgeous! I use a magnetic pin platform thingy, but I have to make one of those. But I’m dying to see your pookie so you have to post a pic or send me one! 🙂

  7. bernadette

    I have a quesrion: the directons for this pin cushion say that the pins go into the wool fabric side. Around the egdes? Or is the cushion wool-side-up when in use and print-side-up the rest of the time? It’s certainly easier to get pins in and out of the looser weave wool and the cotton could develop holes after awhile, I guess.
    But this cushion is so cute, who cares if it ever sees a pin!
    (P.S. One of my Japanese aquaintances years back used to stuff her adorable little pin cushions with human hair saved when she cut her family’s hair! She said natural oils in the hair help keep pins from rusting.)

  8. stacy

    I think that the wool side up is the way you’re supposed to use this, but, I like the fabric so much I’m putting it pretty side up (I also didn’t have any wool available so I used regular felt)! It’s an Amy Butler print – and was a fat quarter. This particular pattern uses so little fabric that I think I could make at least 5 or 6 from one fat quarter.
    Carrie, I’ll post the pookie tonight – it’s not as cute as the ones you make, but I find your versions so inspiring!
    MeLisa – My Walmart didn’t have compasses! The people who run the school supply department said that they’ve been backordered since July! I’ve never tried it for seam allowences, does it work well?

  9. Zaneta

    I love your pin cushion, I love this design, you could even make it into a single layer with a centre button (like a vintagw pearl button)with the same sort of fabric or even a japanese kimono fabric and make into a brooch to wear…you have done a gorgeous job

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