We’ve been very domestic at our house lately – Bret has been attaching handles to our cabinets, we’ve put Taylor to work cleaning out drawers, and I not only made some homemade soup, but also a cherry pie.

I also started making myself a new top – I was in dire need to sew something that gave some instant gratification. I’ll be posting more on that in the next few days. Now, to vacuum all the sawdust from the cabinet alteration!

4 thoughts on “Domestic

  1. kelly

    Stacy, great looking pie! I hear ‘ya about sawdust. We’re redoing the woodwork in our dining room… the dust is everywhere!

  2. bernadette

    Today, I’m baking oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips and walnuts in them to send to my older son & his wife, who live in New Mexico, as a Halloween treat. The baby will be getting a tiny toothbrush and baby toothpate because he just started eating “solid” foods! They just sent me the cutest video (set to music) of a recent feeding session.
    Your gorgeous pie makes me hungry!
    Monday update: At Saturday’s weaving class, we learned how to weave-in decorative fringes, pile and loops. Easy and fun. My circle, done as homework, turned out unperfect but I will do better next time. The teacher had early on told us not to get hung up on counting when weaving but now admits that the only way to get a perfect circle is to count VERY CAREFULLY. And she mentioned that a student in the other session counts EVERYTHING and all her weaving turns out perfectly (but very slowly – she did only half a circle.) I suspect EVERYONE will be counting EVERYTHING now! HAHA

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