Buttons, Buttons, Buttons

I spent an entire afternoon on a search for buttons. Apparently finding buttons for jackets is the hardest task for me. I equate this process to picking out light fixtures for houses – they’re both tough to do and can really make or break the whole look you’re going for.

I had stopped at a couple of stores before arriving at Hancock Fabrics. In the past, they had the better selection and the most choices in my area. But when it came to finding oversized ‘fun’ buttons, I couldn’t come up with anything. I settled for some 1 1/2 black plastic oversized buttons. After putting them up to my coat, I decided this was a horrible purchase. They looked cheap and no matter what I did to them (added smaller buttons to the inside, put pink rhinestones around the center), they still looked awful. So, I set back out to return my original purchase and headed to Joann’s. I was wonderfully suprised that there were numerous buttons that would work and they were on sale to boot!

The buttons on the left is what I started with, the ones on the right is what I’ll be using for my coat!
In other news, my last ornament in the Winter Ornament Swap that I participated in finally arrived:

7 thoughts on “Buttons, Buttons, Buttons

  1. bernadette

    Your new buttons look great! One nice thing about buttons is that if you later find ones you like better you can just change them! Especially on this coat pattern where there are apparently no buttonholes – just snaps under the buttons. I also like THAT idea since I hate making buttonholes!

  2. Anonymous

    I like the ones on the right also.
    Bernadette has a good point. because you don’t have to actually make holes in the coat you can always change them later. I will have to keep this in mind when I am looking for mine.

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