It’s A Coat!

At last, my coat is taking shape and is finally looking like something you can wear! The pockets on the second panel went much faster and smoother than the first and I didn’t even have to refer to the instructions this time! Even though the instructions didn’t call for it, I went ahead and interfaced all the parts of the coat with lightweight interfacing (except for the sleeves). I really noticed a difference in the uninterfaced pieces – they just seemed floppy in comparison (the coat really has more body to it now). My next step is to find some buttons that will work with this style.

I’m thinking ahead to future projects while I’m making this – I would really like to make this jacket next. My question is, does anyone know where I could find some fabric similar to the one used in this view? I stopped by Hancock Fabrics today, but they only had one style of this fabric in a short pile.

12 thoughts on “It’s A Coat!

  1. bernadette has exactly ONE faux fur,long-haired, suede- backed fabric in camel color – about $20/yd, 60″ wide.
    Lots of places online have versions of the faux, short-pile sherpa/suede fabrics.
    I guess the long-hair version is really a novelty fabric and might just pop-up at some fabric stores.
    You could try fusing faux suede to faux fur yourself, I guess. But those fabrics are not heat-friendly. Spray glue? haha
    The jacket you want to make is very cute!

  2. topstitchgirl

    When I made my Threads coat, I noticed that parts of the jacket was not holding well so I retrofitted interfacing in the front pieces only to realize that is was not a pattern error, I had simply not paid too close attention to the instructions though I should have known better…

  3. Linda L

    Your coat is looking great. As to faux sherpa fabric go to Fabric Depot. They have some sherpa looking fabric and in some gorgeous pale colors.

  4. Stacy

    Thanks Linda! I love the colors their sherpa comes in. And thanks to everyone for the complements on the coat – now if I can survive the collar instructions……

  5. Melissa

    Stacy – when, exactly, do you find the time for all this sewing?! I’m so jealous!! I just can’t bring myself to tackle anything as ambitious as an outfit for myself, much less a coat! Yours is looking quite nice, and I love the fabric!

  6. Stacy

    Melissa – I don’t sleep! Just kidding. I try to sew when my daughter’s at school and I don’t have anything on my calendar.

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