Short Coat Progress

I know that it’s hard to make out what exactly the picture above is. But, what you are seeing, is my short coat in progress. SLOW progress.

Why so slow? First off, the directions suggest interfacing most of the pieces of the coat (aside from the collar, pocket flaps etc. which require a stiffer interfacing) with a lightweight style. I had contemplated using a chiffon that Bernadette had suggested here, but couldn’t find any at the store I was at. I also contemplated not interfacing it at all, but after holding the boucle up, I realized it was too ‘floppy’ without some.
Speaking of those directions….. I’m only through the first section, but wow! I’m having to re-read them several times to understand what exactly they are meaning. I think that they are very sparse. Maybe it’s because when I make a top (or even some pants), I have a better feel for what I should be doing, but in jackets – it seems like there are so many things that could be going on, I get confused! I did manage to make the front and side panel pieces with the pocket, now if I can make it though the collar o.k., I’m set!
Contest Update – Just incase you haven’t visited the Fabric Leftovers Contest Gallery page recently, there have been a couple new postings of completed scrap projects. There’s still one more week to enter before voting begins!

3 thoughts on “Short Coat Progress

  1. Erica B.

    Such beautiful fabric. I’ve never worked with boucle before, I can’t wait to see your coat finished. I’ve bought several coat patterns, but I’m still in search of the perfect fabric.

  2. bernadette

    Chiffon may not work for an actual coat. It was used to underline boucle for a suit. And Chanel suits are meant to be “soft”, although they have plenty of tailoring in the seams – princess lines, two piece sleeves, etc.
    Coats are are different story. Thay almost always require some “stuctural engineering”, requiring layers of various fabrics. I sadly learned that soon after I became a garment sewer. I did not finish either of the two coats I tried to make back then. They essentially went out of style before I developed the sewing skills to handle them!
    My mom was an excellent tailor and helped me make a lined, wool tweed blazer once. But, I eventually decided not to spend my sewing hours on tailoring, because I seldom wear clothes of that style anyway.
    So I buy my jackets and coats.
    Once in a while, I wish I could make coats in fun colors rather than just the black/brown/grey selection offered in stores year after year. But, black IS very practical and that’s what I usually buy. haha

  3. Linda L

    I think your short coat is going to look good. I read through several of your postings as I had not stopped in, in awhile. Boucle is a lovely fabric for so many things. But it does need interfacing for stability. I didn’t use it on a recent jacket I made except in the front. I regret that as the back wrinkles so quickly and feel stretched out after wearing it. Love the color of your fabric. I keep watching for your progress.

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