I Got My Mojo Back!

There must be some sort of Fung Shui going on in my sewing area because while my serger was gone, I just wasn’t as productive. Now it’s back (in what appears working order) and my mojo has returned!

I started on my Short Coat today. However, at the moment, all I have done is the pocket flaps because I ran out of interfacing. I’ve gone out and purchased some more, so I’m going to be ready to have at it tomorrow. Unless, Halloween costuming doesn’t distract me. You see, I’ve been invited to a swanky Halloween party in Kansas City with my two best friends. The ‘theme’ is Heaven & Hell – your invitation states that you’re supposed to dress as a famous celebrity that is going to said location (the guests are evenly divided among Heaven & Hell). We are attempting to keep a female trio theme going – right now the suggestions are the Spice Girls (ick), the Pussycat Dolls (I personally don’t want to wear my underwear to the party), Charlie’s Angels, and the female assassins from Kill Bill. I’m personally rooting for the last one, not just because Bret runs EverythingTarantino.com, but also because the costumes are so much cooler. Anyone else have any ideas?

5 thoughts on “I Got My Mojo Back!

  1. Anonymous

    Spice Girls & Pussycat Dolls? Ick.
    I like the Charlie’s Angels, but will you be able to find that many poly pant suits? 😉 The Kill Bill idea is pretty cool but do you think anyone will realize who you are?
    How about 3 female super heros?
    Oh here you go!
    But really you could do supergirl, wonder woman, catwoman, batgirl, hmmmmmm who else?

  2. madmommy

    All I could come up with was the three Muses. I really like the Charlie’s Angels idea though. Glad you got your mojo back! Maybe mine will reappear by this weekend!

  3. Kimberly

    What about witches. You could be the witches from Macbeth or from the Wizard of Oz-wicked east and west and glenda.

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