Gross-outs, Distractions, And Models

I had good intentions of sewing my short coat yesterday. However, Monday had a different plan in store for me.

Bret was home from work yesterday. For whatever reason, I find that I can’t sew when other people are around – I have some sort of mental block (I do fine, however, if others around me are sewing). Does anyone else have this? I can’t figure out why. I think that it’s because I get so distracted by their presence (for example I think of something I want to say to them, stop sewing, and start talking about whatever came to mind). I was able to trace the pattern from the magazine and cut out most of the boucle fabric – at least that’s a start!
To add to the distraction, we started finding a huge number of flies in our house – something like 6 or 8. I know that the weather had been warmer over the weekend and that there was more coming and going (i.e. more doors opening), but this was a huge number to find in our house. We started wondering if someone (Taylor) had left some sort of food item that had gone bad somewhere in the basement. That’s when Bret realized that he was finding the bulk of them near the downstairs living room window. So I opened up the mini blinds (which we keep closed a majority of the time) and there, inside the window well was a dead, rotting possum. EUGH! So we went outside, only to find the window well covered in flies. It looked like something out of The Amityville Horror. We took pictures, but I’ll spare you the grotesqueness. Fortunately, Bret was home to get rid of that thing (he tried fishing it out first, but chunks of fur just came off) and then we rinsed out the window well and sprayed it down with bug killer. Next on my agenda is to caulk up the basement window to keep bugs from getting in.
Today, I got distracted again – but, this time it’s a video game. I’l admit it, I’m a gaming junkie at times. Today was the release of the new Mortal Kombat Armageddon game. Bret and I have been playing this game series since we got married – we even went to watch the touring Mortal Kombat show when it came to Wichita years ago (and sadly, we’ve seen the movies too). So I went to Best Buy this afternoon to pick it up. Let me say, that I can’t stand Best Buy. Every time I go in to purchase a newly released game, they don’t ever have it out. I can stand there and argue with the sales person, show them the flier, etc. and they never take my word for it that it’s been released. I think that because I’m a woman (and I hate to be stereotypical), they don’t think that I know what I’m talking about – especially because I’m interested in a ‘fighting’ game. Today, I got the whole “we don’t have it, it’s not released yet, blah, blah, blah” that I normally get. So, I went to GameStop and picked it up – Bret thought that I should take it back to Best Buy and wave it in their face. I contemplated it.
Enough rambling and back to sewing (as if this post wasn’t long enough) – I’ve received several more entries into the Fabric Scrap contest – I’m going to be working hard getting up a photo gallery later on this week so you can see the wonderful entries that I’ve gotten in! Keep up the great work and don’t forget there’s still plenty of time to enter! Lastly, I’ll leave you with this – a model (WARNING: NUDITY) from the Spring 2007 Ready-to-Wear Hussein Chalayan Runway collection. I would like to know exactly what is the ready to wear part?

9 thoughts on “Gross-outs, Distractions, And Models

  1. Anonymous

    EWEEEWWWEWE!!!! That would be so gross!!!! If it makes you feel any better I stepped on a millipede this am, Thank God I had slippers on but they stink so bad when you squish em!
    We also hate Best Buy with a passion, but for other reasons. I think that I would call & talk to the manager!
    Ok as she is only wearing the gi-nor-mous hat, that is my guess for the RTW part. Oh wait maybe the shoes!? Tell me that was really necessary?

  2. bernadette

    It IS a nice hat, anyway! haha
    I WONDERED why people were lined up outside the GameStop store before it opened this AM! (I was at Trader Joes, which opens earlier, stocking up on nuts and dark chocolate.)Now I know! My husband and grown sons are World of Warcraft addicts so they hardly notice any of the other games.
    I used to sew only in the evenings, while my husband was busy with his own endeavors at home – studying, reading, working on a hobby,etc. I almost never sew when I am all alone, even tough I am alone a LOT these days. When I had kids, I could not ever sew when they were awake. I guess I didn’t like the constant interuptions. So, basically, I like to sew when in the company of adults who are also busy doing something AND not talking to me. But if I feel I should be doing ANYTHING else – housework during the day, working out at the gym, cooking supper, tending kids, gardening – I somehow cannot “let” myself sew. How messed up is that!?

  3. patsijean

    I think the shoes are the ready to wear part. Or… she with the deer in the headlight look is wearing a space helment, in her new shoes (the only article of clothing we would allow the alien to keep), and she is anxiously waiting for her fellow space travellers to get her to h*** out of here.

  4. madmommy

    Maybe they are invisible clothes for the “Emporer’s New Clothes” line of apparel. How sad. I guess naked is as ready-to-wear as it gets!
    I’m an old school video fan myself…now I’m lucky if I can still play Atari. But seriously, my hubby is big into Madden NFL (insert year here) and I become a video football widow every year…until now. He actually requested my help this time…seems they have an IQ test to create your own “super” player…the higher you score, the better the player. He didn’t do so well the first time and asked his brainiac wife to retest for him. Needless to say, his player will be doing a LOT better now. Not that he isn’t intelligent! Just not a test-taker, more of a fixer. (Oh, and btw, I had permission to tell this story, lol!)

  5. Stacy

    Well, all I can say is I’m not going to be wearing this ‘design’ from the Hussein Chalayan collection! 🙂
    I guess GameStop opened pre-orders for the Playstation 3 today too. I wasn’t one of them, though. $600+ sounds too expensive for a game system! I could really buy up a lot of fabric with that kind of money!

  6. Anary

    WOW..600 +!!!! With that kind of money your can get yoursef a nice sweet serger! heheh.
    PS: I would guess the designer was “back in the paradise fashion” – minus hat and shoes, but I guess the inclusion of accessories is an updated version since we have to protect from evil skin cancer and diseases from dirty floors.Hah haha! Too much coffe in the morning…

  7. Melissa

    It’s the ready-to-wear birthday suit (hat and shoes optional)!
    Um, yeah. I don’t think I will be wearing that one in public anytime soon. I hardly wear that in private!

  8. Penny

    I can’t sew when others are around either. I end up gabbing instead of sewing.
    Eeeeeek to the dead possum. Glad you had clean-up help!
    Eeeeek again! That’s one RTW I won’t be wearing…lol!

  9. Nikki

    EW!!! Possum??? My mom had a house that possums chewed their way into the basement of. She had very creative ways of killing those things. One night we heard the cat flipping out, and turned on the lights to find him cornering an angry possum in our kitchen!

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