Surplice Top Complete

Even though I’m living without a serger for the time being, I managed to finish up my Kwik Sew surplice top. I’ve added a photo to the sidebar, but it’s difficult to see any details – the fabric color (eggplant) is so dark, even lightening it up didn’t help!

I’m not sure that I’m sold on this pattern. In fact, I you could see it better, I look a bit like a kangaroo from the side. Most of this really is the pattern style (even the photo is baggy around the midsection), but some of it is due to the fabric. I used a cotton jersey knit from Joann’s – a bit beefier than most (which is a suprise since most of Joann’s knits in the past had been very flimsy) which made the top have a heavier drape (i.e. kangaroo pouch). I also found the arms on this one to be a bit tight, even though my fabric had plenty of stretch. My fabric suggestion for this top is a light weight stretch that has a good recovery – like an onionskin.

4 thoughts on “Surplice Top Complete

  1. Anary

    You look very nice with your new top. The haircut looks great too.
    II am surprised that Joann carry eggplant knit!

  2. debkb

    I’ve been eyeing this pattern for a thinnish mesh knit with lots of stretch and drape. Think it would work? The thing that might be of concern to me is the bottom band and the stretchiness of my fabric. Is there anything that stabilizes the band?

  3. madmommy

    Thank you for reviewing this pattern, and the photo! I think it looks great on you, but it raised some concerns when you mentioned the kangaroo-ness. I certainly don’t need any more poochy in the front! So maybe this pattern will have to wait…

  4. Stacy

    debkb – I think that fabric ought to work. There isn’t anything that stabilizes the bands around the waist or wrists, it’s just a strip of material that is double folded and sewn. I have to mention that they are small bands – you have to stretch them quite a bit to get them around the arm and bottom of the shirt, but they gave a nice snug fit in these areas.

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