What The….?

One of my favorite parts of Games Magazine is the eyeball benders. The photo on the right reminds me of one, can you guess what it is?

If you guessed “the inner-workings of a serger”, then you’re right! So, why am I showing you this? Because, I belive that my serger has finally bit the dust.
You see, I started having issues with my serger in July. I was working on an important project, when I not only had cutting blade issues, but also had my tension disks lock up and cause a needle to shatter. I think that was the start of something horrible. After wrestling with my machine for about a month and a half, I finally got my serger blade issue resolved (it was a loose screw on the barrel that holds the blade), but today when I started working on my Kwik Sew top, it started making a metal on metal sound. That’s when I noticed that the ‘stem’ that holds the machine needles in place is sinking (these are technical terms, haha). It is now completely out of wack and the entire needle case can touch the throat plate – now that’s just not right! I took most of the machine apart and there are no screws to tighten, no pieces that look broken, and no parts are laying around in the machine. What you’re looking at is a picture of a broken machine.
So, now what to do? We no longer have a White dealer in our area and I’m afraid taking it in and possibly getting it fixed may cost almost as much as a new one (my exact machine with 4 more feet than what I have is running about $250). Does anyone have any experience with a problem like this? I would like to just use this an an excuse to purchase a new machine – I’ve been thinking about a Singer Quantumlock which has coverstitch capabilities and is running about $599, new with 7 additional feet. Does anyone have this machine & can give me some feedback?

4 thoughts on “What The….?

  1. patsijean

    I would go ahead and take the old machine to the recycle center and get the new machine. I had my Viking serger serviced and the blade replaced and the cost was close to $200. My machine did not have the serious problems yours does. It will probably cost nearly as much to service and repair yours as it would cost to purchase the new machine you want at what seems to be a very good price. A good machine always makes sewing much more pleasurable.

  2. bernadette

    I don’t have a serger so I am looking forward to your purchase of a new one. (Yours sound pretty well broken.) Hopefully, your search will make it easier for me to decide if I want one and what features to look for. Thanks, in advance!

  3. Lori

    I have the quantum lock 5 thread, it is OK, but not the machine my old 4 thread was. The 5 thread is fairly easy to thread, but I have not managed to re-thread it to the coverstitch yet. The stitch works for a while, then tangles. Could be user error? Also, the tension is not a tight as I would prefer, even when I tighten the “automatic” settings.
    I hope to figure out how to reset the timing on my old singer 2-3-4 thread serger, then keep the 5 thread set to covewr stitch (until I get a coverstitch machine – someday), and the old serger to the 3 or 4 thread. Oh, I thought the rolled hem the new quantumlock does is one of the BEST I have ever seen.

  4. madmommy

    Are you in Wichita? I’ve been trying to find other sewing/crafty bloggers here…would love to meet you sometime, I stumbled on your blog while searching for Needle Nook information!

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