The Photo Shoot

I know normally, I post in the afternoon, but I’m so excited that I couldn’t wait….. It’s done! Taylor’s Halloween costume is officially complete!

My normally sweet, smiling child is now a zombie bride… you can tell that she’s gotten into the look by posing for this photo:

We did decide to make a few omissions from this dress. For one, we omitted the tulle bows (they just didn’t add anything to the look) and the glitter spiders. And after putting the whole look together we also liked the dress the way it was – no grunging up was needed. Also, all the seams are unfinished except for the white satin contrast insert – it does have a zigzag stitch on the end to keep it from fraying to nothing.
I’ve put up a review on Pattern Review, you can check it out here.

8 thoughts on “The Photo Shoot

  1. bernadette

    SUPER-DUPER! Love her expression and makeup, too. But I bet she will have a hard time keeping those dimples in check when she looks so great. She will net LOTS of candy.

  2. Anonymous

    Great job! The look on her face is perfect! I bet that she will be the hit of whatever Halloween events you all have planned. By the way did you ever get your homemaker swap(or whatever it was called) package? I remember seeing what you sent your partner but not a post about what you got. Unless I missed it….

  3. Stacy

    I have some of her smiling in her costume – somehow, it lost the ‘creepy’ effect! hehehehe.
    My partner sent out my package over the weekend. I’m guessing it will be about 2 weeks or so until it arrives (that’s about how long it took mine to get to Australia). I’ll be posting the contents when it arrives! I’m very excited to see what she’s done…..!

  4. Mely5862

    Wonderful Stacy! You did such a fantasic job. What strikes me most is the wonderful memories your dd will have of make the costure together. Enjoy the spooooky night! Oh and grab an extra milky way for me!

  5. June

    The costume is fabulous and I love all the details (makeup, etc.) that completes it. What a fantastic Zombie Bride!

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