More Progress

It’s back to costume sewing, even though temperatures here are going to reach 97 degrees and it feels very unfall like at the moment.

Here’s the progress that I’ve made so far:

The bodice is complete and the drapes have been constructed, embelished and attached to the top. I’ve started on the skirt panels, however, I made a mistake – I attached the lace ruffles so that they point toward the black part of the dress and not the off-white inset. It didn’t look horrible, but you couldn’t see it either. So, I wound up taking it all off and will start over again on it. I’m sure that it took 3 times a long to remove it than what it did to sew it on, but I think that I’ll like it better in the long run.
Hopefully, by Wednesday, I can chalk up this costume as ‘complete’!

3 thoughts on “More Progress

  1. bernadette

    You are a good Mom – that costume is reeally a labor of love! It’s looking good.
    Yesterday, I snuck out to Hancock Fabrics. I was tempted by the silver/black version of your black devore costume fabric but couldn’t justify buying it without a plan in mind. Even at 50% off the $15.99 a yard.
    But another fabric grabbed my attention as soon as I walked in the door! It’s a “Christmas” fabric – translucent poly organza, woven with two colors of thread (one for the warp, one for the weft)in shiny green and less shiny red. One side looks mostly green, the other mostly red. It was only $3.99 a yard so I bought 3 yds. My plan is to make folded/gathered roses with leaves, using the two sides to get the best effect. Or placemats. Or gift bags. Or ?
    It was on a rack of other Christmas fabrics (of ALL kinds of fiber content) with a big “50% Off Christmas Prints” sign . But they said that only applied to COTTON prints, even though the top of my bolt actually said “Christmas Prints”! No matter. I used a 40% off coupon.

  2. Stacy

    I’m having quite a bit of fun with this costume – although, I’m just about ready for it to be over with…
    Bernadette – I got my fabric from Joann’s – it was substantially cheeper than the Hancock version (originally $9.99 or 11.99 a yard) and they had both the black and the silver versions. I used a 50% off coupon which also helped! I love the sounds of your Christmas fabric you picked up – I may have to run over to Hancocks and see what they have in stock. I’ve noticed that our local store seems to be declining in fabric quality in recent months, so I’m hoping that they’ve come back around to some quality stuff!

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