Monthly Archives: October 2006

Drama, Ramblings, and Invisibility

Drama, drama, drama. It seems like the latter part of this week was spent dealing with PTO issues (I’m the president this year at my daughter’s school and our fundraising chair decided to resign during the middle of our fundraising event) – which means that I haven’t touched my sewing machine in days. Since I haven’t sewn, I’ve been doing lots (and lots) of thinking about sewing. Here’s some of my ponderings and finds:

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It’s A Coat!

At last, my coat is taking shape and is finally looking like something you can wear! The pockets on the second panel went much faster and smoother than the first and I didn’t even have to refer to the instructions this time! Even though the instructions didn’t call for it, I went ahead and interfaced all the parts of the coat with lightweight interfacing (except for the sleeves). I really noticed a difference in the uninterfaced pieces – they just seemed floppy in comparison (the coat really has more body to it now). My next step is to find some buttons that will work with this style.

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Halloween Ruminations

All my talk about Halloween has got me started reminiscing about past costumes. Today’s entry is on some of the ones that I’ve made for Taylor. The image on the right is her 2002 Austin Power’s costume – one of my personal favorites (sorry for the poor image quality, this photo is pre-digital camera).

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