Monthly Archives: October 2006

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

This is the first Halloween season that Bret’s ever been gone, so it was up to Taylor and I to carve the pumpkins last night. For quite some time now, we’ve done some sort of ‘Pumpkin Master’ type design. However, over the past few, we’ve been using, which is where the above designs came from. It looks like it’s a pirate’s Halloween for us – Taylor selected the ‘Jolly Roger’ stencil and I picked Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow.

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Halloween Party

As promised, here we are – the deadly assassins at a Kansas City Halloween Party. Even though we don’t look like we’re having a fabulous time – we were, everyone kept telling us to “look the part” and we had a horrible time keeping a straight face, this was a close as we could get! We weren’t the only themed groups out there, either.

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I’m Back!

For those who regularly visit the site, I’m sure that you noticed the site was down for quite awhile starting on Monday afternoon. Even though the site was back up yesterday evening, it wasn’t quite functional until now (I couldn’t post and no one could comment).

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We’ve been very domestic at our house lately – Bret has been attaching handles to our cabinets, we’ve put Taylor to work cleaning out drawers, and I not only made some homemade soup, but also a cherry pie.

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