It’s Saturday morning and as I post this, we’re getting ready to go out of town.

This was supposed to be the weekend that my friend was to be married – unfortunately, lots of things hapened and the wedding was postponed. We’re still all getting together in an attempt to help her keep her mind off of the day. We’ll be coming back tomorrow night, so Sunday’s post will be later than normal, but will probably be full of photos!
But the real reason of for this post is to share the junk – junk mail, that is. I got this envelope in the mail yesterday.

It didn’t seem that heavy or thick and looked rather unobtrusive. Since the envelope was plastic I had to cut it and when I did, everything flew out. There had to have been at least 50 postcards for some sort of craft magazine, catalog, or book (none of which I recogonized). I’m not sure that I’ve ever got anything like this in the mail before, so I’m wondering what list I got put on? So what have you gotten in the mail recently?

2 thoughts on “Junk

  1. angie.a

    I’ve gotten those too! I’m guessing my addy’s sold from magazine subscriptions. I’m not currently subscribed to anything and I don’t get those anymore… Just a thought?
    LOVED Taylor’s hairdo, can’t wait to see the completed costume! Love your new do too ;o)

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