Fabric Leftovers

We all have them, we all save them, and we never know what exactly to do with them. What am I talking about, scraps. That’s why Fabric Leftovers: Simple, adaptable ways to use up scraps seemed like such an appealing book to have on my sewing shelf!

Let me start of by saying D’Arcy-Jean Milne, the author of Fabric Leftovers, goes by the idea that nothing goes to waste. Originally, when I thought of scraps, I had the idea I would be making items with fat quarter size pieces – when actually, she saves and uses pieces samller than a 2 inch square! And she doesn’t stop with fabric, she also used thread scraps and recycled clothing to make some of her pieces.
There are six main methods that D’Arcy uses with her fabric scraps, a “Lazy Crazy Patchwork” or a fast method patchwork, “Rug Canvas Fabric” which uses long strips of fabric that are weaved using a latch hook canvas and then decoratively sewn, decorated and stuffed fabric tubes called “Sweet Beads”, “Machine Couching”, “Machine-Wrap Cord”, and “Rouched Fabric”. Each of the projects included in the book uses one or more of these methods in their construction.
So what are the projects included in the book? Journal covers, coffee cuffs, embellished note cards, fabric boxes and baskets, leftover fabric bags and purses, picture frames, and jewlery. But really, the possibliities are endless. Although much of the ideas in the book are not things that I would necessarly make or embelish in the author’s particlur style, they do look like items that I’ve seen in artsy boutiques. I probably won’t make everything from this book (or create it to look exactly like the author’s model) I did find it very inspring and a great jumping off point for using my scraps.

3 thoughts on “Fabric Leftovers

  1. bernadette

    Sure, I have lots of scraps and can barely part with even the postage-stamp-size ones! But I wish I still had scraps from every sewing project in the past. I tossed a big bag of scraps at one big move to save room and have regretted it ever since! The clothes/stuff I made from those fabrics is mostly long gone.
    So I miss what would have been the beginning of my fabric “diary”.

  2. stacy

    I just did the same thing about 6 months ago – now that I read this book, I’m wishing that I hadn’t. I did save a very small scrap of the very first thing that I had ever sewn up. I posted it on my sewing board as a reminder of how far I’ve come!

  3. Rug

    Hooray! It’s about time that someone wrote about this… and we can put those scraps to good use. There’s nothing worse than piles and piles of the stuff and just not knowing what to do with it!
    I found it interesting that she uses recycled clothing and everything. This is excellent… there is actually a business opportunity here. Can people bring you their old clothes and scraps, and you make something out of it for them? What a great idea!
    Very excited about this book.

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