New Patterns!

I opened my mailbox this evening, only to see that Hot Patterns has released some new designs (yay! I was wondering when some new ones might come out)! Along with the one on the left, I’m in love with the Dragon Beauty Cargo Pants, Cherry Blossom Coat, and Cigarette Pants (which would probably look horrible on me, but I still love them), along with a few others. I haven’t ordered yet becasue I can’t make up my mind what I want to try, so I’ve decided to sleep on it.

Patrones also has a new magazine out – this one a kid’s issue. Taylor would really like the look on the right (even though it’s very Jeffery like). It’s a shame that there aren’t more designs in her size range, I think that I would buy this issue otherwise.
Lastly, although there’s no designs up – I noticed that Santa Cruz has posted they’ll be putting up freebies in October. Keep your eyes open for those!

3 thoughts on “New Patterns!

  1. bernadette

    I hope you decide to sew one or more of these patterns so we can all enjoy the results. Vicariously!
    I like the lines of the coat but it would have to actually close warmly in the front to be useful in our colder climate. I once had a coat that met in the center front with just hook-and-eye- closures all down the front and I could always feel the chill coming in through the gaps!
    (BTW – I just added another comment to the bubble dress makeover I mentioned a couple days ago.)

  2. bernadette

    Re-viewing your comments and the links to the new patterns, I decided to look again through the entire Hot Patterns selection. So many fun clothes! I just wish I had more faith in the garments turning out like the drawings. I wish they would show a real person wearing the finished garment, at least on-line.
    I’m glad there is patternreview. com. It’s a big help.

  3. Stacy

    I think that they wind up turning out like the drawing – it just takes more work than the big 4 patterns to get there!

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