Sweet Dreams?

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon cutting out costume fabric. So by the time evening rolled around, I was very excited to get started sewing.

But, I got distracted doing other things and I wound up never getting near my machine. It was a good thing too, because as I was laying in bed drifing off to sleep, I had a thought. “Oh, my goodness, that black fabric is so sheer in places, Taylor will never wear it! What am I going to do?” Lots of things crossed my mind… Wearing a tank top – I figured it would never look right because of the cut of the dress. Maybe a black sports bra? – Here again, depending on the style, it wouldn’t look right, plus Taylor would never go for it because someone might see it. Then I thought about lining it! It’s not my ideal, but I do have some nude swimwear lining stashed away from my recent swimsuit making binge that I went on this spring. Agh, problem solved. I’m just glad I figured it out before I started sewing!
Anyway, this morning, I went to work on sewing – adding in the extra step of lining the entrie bodice of the dress. This is what I have done so far:

The off white lace still looks way too white and not nearly dingy enough for my taste. I figure after I construct the entrie dress, I’ll grunge it up.

9 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams?

  1. bernadette

    The bodice looks really great! Underlining it before continuing the rest of the dress was a swell idea. I’ll bet Taylor is getting really excited seeing her costume come together.

  2. bernadette

    Way off-topic:
    I was browsing through the “Fall 2006 Makeover In- Style” special edition at the gym while treadmilling yesterday. (Not sure if this is still on newstands. The mag was on our shared mag stand and pretty well “used”)
    Anyway, on page 144(?) there is a cute purse (RTW) made out of bulky cable knit with round wooden handles. It looks easy to copy.
    On another page, there are instructions for altering a gathered. tiered, hippie skirt to make a stylish bubble skirt. No diagrams – just words and small before/after pics. I’ll paraphrase:
    Their sample hippie skirt had three tiers(but two would also work). Bottom tier must (after cutting) be longer than top tier for “bubble” to happen. Cut off and save bottom tier which is hopefully quite full. Cut off and discard middle tier, if there is one. Sew top (raw) edge edge of bottom tier to lower (raw) edge of top tier, gathering to fit. NOTE: the RIGHT SIDE of bottom tier fabric should be FACE-IN for that step. Next, gather the finished edge of bottom tier and bring it up all around to the bottom of waisband so RIGHT-SIDE is showing. Sew in place.
    I think their version might be slightly different. I felt too guilty to “borrow” the mag to make copies. But, if it’s still there today I will bring a pen and paper and hand-copy the short instructions.
    Obviously, it would be wise to measure before doing all this so the bubble skirt isn’t too long, too short, too wimpy, too full, etc. (Sound like a project for Goldilocks!)
    One way to make the “bubble” stand out better is to underline that bottom tier with a stiffer fabric before any sewing. (Another way is to leave a small, finished opening through which you can insert a bunched-up length of stiff netting to fill out just the bubble. Remove the net when washing or cleaning. Kind of like the crumpled tissue paper or poly stuffing used to puff up those bubble valances on windows.)
    Since I have a couple of “boho” skirts in my closet, I may sacrifice one or buy a really cheap one off the clearance racks to experiment. Two-tiered skirts would also work. The bubble skirt is still “on” for Fall and may even make it through next Spring. Turns out, people like it better than they were supposed to. Haha.

  3. Amy

    Love the nude colored lining–works just perfectly! It is looking great so far! My kids want to be dinosaurs for Halloween–and I’m still doing a lot of pondering. They like realistic dinosaurs–not the Barney ones that the pattern companies pretty much have. I need to get working on them soon!
    Maybe this weekend I’ll get some patterns and fabric…………

  4. Stacy

    First off, I’m glad no one is getting bored with the whole costume saga! I probably could ramble on about it for awhile!!
    bernadette – if you make the bubble skirt, you’re going to have to email me a picture of how it turns out! I’ve not tried making one and still haven’t tried one on in stores. I’m afraid that being somewhat ‘vertically challenged’ I would look even shorter!?! I did try on a pair of ‘skinny’ jeans and for some reason I looked very stumpy. I thought for sure that I would look taller! I think that my upper thighs are too muscular and I look disproportinate when I’m wering skin tight pants.
    Amy – A dinosaur? Wow, that sounds hard to make! But, I did see some really interesting lizzard like fabric the other day (I think that it was at Joann’s), it’s probably hot to wear but would make a cool dino!

  5. bernadette

    Skinny black jeans! That’s what could get me back into jeans. I love that Audrey Hepburn GAP commercial. I quit wearing jeans some years ago. They bored me. But then I bought a pair of white jeans (because they were white, not because they were jeans) and my husband really liked them. I will probably discover that I can’t wear really skinny jeans unless I also wear a long top and/or heels. And heels hurt!

  6. bernadette

    I copied down the bubble skirt directions but they are essentially the same as what I said, except I gave more detail.
    There are other “altered” clothes, too – a baby doll dress from a trad dress, slimming down old jeans, adding trim to a sweater, etc. They also give estimates of what the alterations cost at NYC tailor/dry cleaner shops – a fortune, HAHA
    As for the bubble, it occurs to me that even a non-tiered, full or pleated skirt could be bubbled. Cut off an old half slip to the right length (shorter than skirt by maybe 3-6 inches) and then sew the gathered, and turned inward, bottom of your skirt to the bottom of the half-slip.

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