Ornaments, Hair, And Muslins

Since I worked all day yesterday, I really didn’t have the energy to sew anything last night, but I did have a wonderful suprise in my mailbox…… winter ornamnets crafted by one of my swap partners, Nikkidear!

My tree is very eclectic, it’s a mix of bulbs (their numbers are dwendling each year as I replace them with more fun ornaments), Hallmark, and handcrafted items (some of which I made for my parents when I was in grade school, some that Taylor has made, and some that I’ve received from friends) – and these will fit in perfectly. I really love the mitten.
Today, I’m planning on working on what I hope to be the last muslin for Taylor’s costume. But first, I’m off to get a haircut. I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do – all I know is, I’m cutting most of it off. Right now, my hair is growing past my shoulders. It’s the longest my hair has been in ages and it’s driving me crazy!

2 thoughts on “Ornaments, Hair, And Muslins

  1. Kelly

    Cute ornaments! I love decorating the tree. It’s, by far, my most favorite thing about Christmas.
    I can’t wait to see the new haircut!

  2. bernadette

    I love a tree full of eclectic ornaments and oddments. The mitten ornament is so cute. I hang a little pair of multi-color, patterned stripe, knit mittens on my tree. They were worn by one of my sons when he was small.
    But some years, just for a change, I choose a theme and do the tree more simply. This summer, I had a bumper crop of Queen Anne’s Lace flowers and I pressed (in old phonebooks) about five dozen of them. They make great “snowflakes” (my personal obsession). I may try spraying or coating some with white and/or sparkly paint. They also are pretty just plain if harvested at the right degree of bloom.

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