Another Fitting

First off, I want to thank everyone for all the birthday well wishes – I had a wonderful day yesterday! Since I was so unproductive, it’s time to get back to work – the real kind. That’s why this post is coming so early today, I’ll be away from my computer all day (I hope I don’t get the jitters from computerinternet withdrawl). But, enough about work and deadlines, let’s talk about sewing!
What you’re looking at is the second muslin that I’ve made for Taylor’s costume.

I made all the changes that I talked about in this post and I like they way that it’s starting to look. I’ve decided that I still need to take in the bust and stomach area a bit more, with gives her a more shapely fit. Since I made all these changes, I decided not to do anything else to the back of the dress. It actually looks o.k. and I’m afraid that if I make it too snug, she’ll feel uncomfortable in it. I’m going to make this next round of changes and hopefully, we’ll be on our way to using the real fabric!
Taylor is getting a bit tired of this process – I haven’t done too many muslins with her patterns before and the fitting is a bit time consuming in her view (not to mention a bit painful if I accidently poke her with a pin). At least she’s looking on the brighter side of things, she said she feels like a model on Project Runway. I’m happy that she said that and not that she’s a human pincushion!

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