And So, It Begins

Even though I have a few more projects that I would like to squeeze in, I decided that it’s time I get to work on Taylor’s Halloween costume.

I really dislike having to make a muslin, but I really think that it’s necessary in this case. According to the pattern, a size 4 bust measures 29 1/2″ (Taylor is approx. 1 inch smaller than this), but the finished costume measures 34″ in the bust. The completed picture on the envelope makes it look fitted in this area, but I’m not sure how this is possible if you got that much ease. I’m thinking this is going to look very sack-like on her if I don’t make some changes.

At this point all I’ve done is cut out the pattern pieces and muslin fabric. As you can see from the photo, I’m working with 3 large pattern sheets. YIKES!
During this whole process, I’ve noticed two minor errors. One is the gauntlets. The back of the envelope shows two views having fishnet gauntletgloves (one of them being the zombie bride). However, they’ve marked the views incorrectly – the zombie bride isn’t one of them. That would explain why I could never find the fabric requirements for them! Secondly, the pattern piece for the contrast skirt inset is incorrectly marked. I’m hoping that finding these errors so early on doesn’t mean that I’m going to find a lot more when I start sewing up this costume.

3 thoughts on “And So, It Begins

  1. bernadette

    If you don’t want to make gauntlets, they are usually very cheap at the “halloween” stores or displays that pop up everywhere at this time of year. I bought spider-web-patterned black lace ones two year’s ago at the local drugstore chain! Mine have half-fingers so they stayed on pretty well, even though I wore them while swing-dancing that year. I was a witch.
    Last year I wore a flower-print tank bathing suit and a hula skirt plus leis to the dance.
    This year I might not need a costume since the holiday falls on a Tuesday; but if I do, I plan on a can-can theme. Can’t think of anything for my husband though.

  2. Stacy

    I’m thinking that once the whole costume comes together, she’ll skip them – I don’t think that they really add anything to the outfit anyway!
    I love the can-can idea! I’ve always wanted to make one. Maybe your husband can dress up like Toulouse-Lautrec to keep the theme!

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