New Projects

The countdown to Halloween sewing has begun and I’m attempting to cram a few more projects in before I get started.

So, I spent some time cutting out two new patterns – both of which happen to be from Kwik Sew. I have to admit, that until recently, I had kind of shyed away from this pattern company. I had mostly done this because I had a ‘fear’ of sewing knits (which I think that I’ve gotten over) and because their drawings seem to make the clothes look as if they are ‘stuffy’, even though some of them are quite trendy. I’ve really started relying on the actual photo in the pattern book and online or checking people’s reviews at Pattern Review before picking out their patterns.
I’ve decided to make tops from their new fall patterns – 3434 and 3435. When Bret saw them, he said, “What is this, 1982?”. I admit, I did have a batwing sweater (that I loved dearly) back in the 80’s. I’m hoping that once I make these up, he’ll change his mind – or else big hair will come back in and I’ll complete the 1980’s look with some big bangs.
Both of these projects have been added to the sidebar. I’ll keep you posted on their progress (and spousal reaction).

5 thoughts on “New Projects

  1. Neefer

    I would never call Kwik Sew stuffy, especially not the drawings! The drawing are totally and completely DORKY. The pictures are boring, which really is worse than dorky.
    Stuffy, hm. No, that’s just not what I would have called them.

  2. bernadette

    I seldom look at the Kwik Sew patterns (Motto – Clothes to cover you modestly witout drawing ANY attention to yourself!) But if you look past the dorky, hopelessly wholesome, very basic presentations to just the lines of the garments you can see possiblities. And they make a lot of knit patterns even when other pattern companies drop knits. However, if I was using this pattern I would probably cut the sleevless version. HaHa.
    Not much fondness for the 80’s. Although there WAS one black dress I bought in Montreal that was so flattering and easy to wear – with gathered “drapes” of fabric from each shoulder, crossing loosely acoss the front and sewn to the side at hips.

  3. Lisa

    I think of Kwik Sew as a blank slate. Kind of like a child’s uncolored picture from a coloring book. Ya gotta make ’em stylish, you know? I love sewing Kwik Sew patterns. They are very wearable!

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