Monthly Archives: September 2006

New Patterns!

I opened my mailbox this evening, only to see that Hot Patterns has released some new designs (yay! I was wondering when some new ones might come out)! Along with the one on the left, I’m in love with the Dragon Beauty Cargo Pants, Cherry Blossom Coat, and Cigarette Pants (which would probably look horrible on me, but I still love them), along with a few others. I haven’t ordered yet becasue I can’t make up my mind what I want to try, so I’ve decided to sleep on it.

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Does It Look Clean?

I didn’t do any sewing yesterday – instead, I cleaned like a mad woman. So why would I forgo my favorite hobby and frantically clean my house from head to toe? Two reasons: 1) We’re going out of town this weekend and I really hate having to come home to a dirty house and 2) after cleaning away the real cobwebs I wanted to add some artificial ones – I decorated for Halloween!

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Another Fitting

First off, I want to thank everyone for all the birthday well wishes – I had a wonderful day yesterday! Since I was so unproductive, it’s time to get back to work – the real kind. That’s why this post is coming so early today, I’ll be away from my computer all day (I hope I don’t get the jitters from computerinternet withdrawl). But, enough about work and deadlines, let’s talk about sewing!
What you’re looking at is the second muslin that I’ve made for Taylor’s costume.

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