Very Vera

How do you feel when a famous and respected designer goes ‘mainstream’? That is, starts a label with a department store chain. How about when you hear that designer is Vera Wang and she will be creating a line of clothes for Kohl’s?

Yes, in the Fall 2007 the racks at Kohl’s will sport intimate apparel, accessories, footwear, linens and towels, and sportswear all designed by Vera. How do you go from charging $12,000 for a beautiful gown to allowing your name to be mass produced for $29.99? Personally, I sort of liked the thought of not being able to afford her work.

6 thoughts on “Very Vera

  1. Kristin Tercek

    What’s even stranger is the fact that she has her own line of mattresses now…wtf?!

  2. Kelly

    Wow that’s an awful name. Very Vera by Vera Wang? It’s a tongue twister. All wrong. I think Kohls is trying to match the H&M and Target game of taking uber fabulous designers and offering it to masses. The fun in that is making it limited edition. Vera’s long term engagement with Kohls is a little weird.
    But, on the other hand, Target’s full of Mossimo (who used to be a higher end brand) and Isaac Miz. K-Mart has Martha Stewart. Vera’s whole gig is about The engaged and the newlywed. The dress, the perfume, the china… why not the mattress and department store to register? Hmm. Sorry for the longest post ever!

  3. Anary

    I have a phrase for this deal…”Show me the money”. That what is all about in my view. Vera have already the recognition that she deserves. I love her gowns and clothes…but I am not so sure that I will go for the “regular stuff”..It will be just one more designer line in the ocean..better in a departmet store.
    By the way..I do agree..the name is terrible.

  4. Joi (stereoette)

    i personally found it depressing. she should talk to DVF, who has said she regrets having a lower priced line selling at the same time as her higher priced line when she first started out, because she felt it diluted the value of the brand.

  5. bernadette

    I guess I don’t mind when good designers become afforable in one way or another. I know when I buy an Isaac Mizrahi dress from Target that I am not getting haute couture. The bad fit and thin fabrics tell me all that! But some items are pretty and fun and I can afford them. If the quality was better, I would buy more and even pay more for it.
    In Vera Wang’s case. I would have liked her to do a really nice line of dresses/clothing that might be in the $100-$500 range for dresss. But that WOULD dilute her couture line whereas the Kohl’s line will be too cheap and basic to compete.

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