Paired Up

I got my partner yesterday for the Suzy Homemaker Swap on Craftster! So as long a you are not Miss Vicki, read on!

She doesn’t have a website, so I can’t point you in that direction, but I can tell you a little about her and what I might make up for this one. Like most everyone, things that she wanted were for the kitchen (I think that it’s so much easier to come with ideas for kitchen anyway) and she’s very into retro styles (especially the ’50’s) and color combos, Wonder Woman (she still has the coolest superhero costume even though Bret and I debate about that), and Greek Mythology (although, I’m not sure how to work that style into a home swap!).
After looking at her Wists list she seems to like flared or scalloped edge aprons (those half kind that tie around your waist like a skirt), so I’ll probably start from there. If I got really creative and could find the right fabrics, I’d make her a Wonder Woman apron. How fun would that be?

I was thinking that I could get some gold lame to make a belt and the ‘wings’ around the top. If I could find it, I would use a blue star fabric to make a shortie skirt on the bottom. OOOh, the creative juices are flowing!
Since the swap consists of one large and two small items, to go along with an apron, I was thinking of embroidering a couple of tea towels and making a matching potholder so that they would all coordinate together. Although, if I went with the Wonder Woman idea, I might have to rethink that. I’m not sure if I could successfully embroider that myself, not unless someone knows of one for machine embroidery that I could use.

5 thoughts on “Paired Up

  1. bernadette

    I know the swap is probably supposed to be sewn items but …
    One of the current sheets of 39 cent postage stamps is 20 different stamps, all featuring super heros. There is one of Wonder Woman and another of her comic book cover. They would make fun magnets for the fridge.

  2. Stacy

    Actually, it’s anything crafted – those magnets are a great idea! In fact, I had searched around today on how to make those sillicon bubble magnets today too – but I love the stamps more. What makes it better is that she’s from Australia and the stamps would be completely unique.

  3. bernadette

    For the apron, quilt shops online usually have star fabrics, especially on blue! has some likely ones. Christmas fabrics (which arrive in July!) are a good place to check for stars. Or fabric in red with gold accents. Sometimes even with angels/wings!
    Or, how about gold soutache or braid trim for the wings deco on the bodice? Also for a small gold “lariet” to hang from a clip on the waisband!
    These swaps sound like fun. If I wasn’t feeling a bit over-committed for this Fall already, I would join one. Something else to look forward to for later.
    (‘cuz I just signed up for two different, one-day workshops at The Renwick Museum. In October I’ll learn fabric sculture and in November, paper sculpture. Last Sunday, I took a half-day class at G Street Fabrics titled “Love to Sew?… Want to Teach?” It was very good and I want to develop some fabric craft classes to teach. I also “owe” the cloth doll-making club I belong to an original design pattern for our hoped-for group “booklet” and my first draft is due in two weeks! Luckily, I work well under pressure. soon after, there is the 9-week weaving course, too!)

  4. Stacy

    I completely forgot about her truth lasso! Great idea. This is getting more and more fun!
    I also managed to find the star fabric online! I immediately ordered it.
    It sounds like you’re going to have a great fall with all your classes! I’m jealous. I would really like to find a few to take. I highly recomend swaps – they are a fun challenge to come up with something for someone else, plus it’s always great getting something in the mail!

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