It’s Ragweed Season, Again

My allergies have been absolutely killing me for the past two days – it’s been so bad that I feel like I have a winter cold. I did manage to crawl out from under a blanket and made my way to Joann’s latest sale.

I skipped the pattern section all together. Even though Simplicity patterns were $1 each – I believe that I own all of the ones that I want at the moment. It didn’t appear that there were any new fabrics in the store either. I was almost disapointed about getting out and about until I made my way to the clearence section of the store – all clearence fabrics were an additional 50% off. After sifting through numerous bolts, I came across this gem:

I think that it will work perfectly for either this Burda Easy Fashion coat, this ‘short coat’, or maybe this trench jacket and hat. I made off with 3 1/2 yards of this fabric for under $10 and then went home to crawl back under the covers.
So, now that I’m feeling a bit better, I think that I need some opinions – what coat do you like best with this fabric?
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7 thoughts on “It’s Ragweed Season, Again

  1. Lynn

    I can see it made up in the Burda Easy Fashion, but it’s hard to tell with the swatch. I would need to see a larger drape.
    I like the short coat, but I think I’m 5 to 10 years older and like the trench coat look with the fabric.
    I wonder if the trench jacket might be too sporty a look for the fabric?
    I am a return to sewing afer a long hiatus person, and I don’t think my design mindset has returned as of yet.

  2. bernadette

    I like all three coats. I ususally lean toward trenches, myself. But for this fabric, I too like the shortest coat. It has lots of seaming (shown in the technical diagram), which may not actually show up with this fabric, but which gives the jacket an interesting shape.
    There are little jackets like this, mostly in mauvy-purple tweed wools, all over the ads (e.g.- target, even walmart!!!, as well as pricier stores) so a fancier, better-made (by you!) one will stand out from the crowd.
    Hold out for a larger, sublte plaid for the trench – like the one shown in Burda. Or, to avoid having to match plaid lines, a heather grey solid. Solid Grey is big in wools and sweaters this Fall.

  3. Necia

    I vote for Burda’s Easy Wrap coat. It would look SWEET in that fabric. Question, does that pattern come in English. Because if it is so easy, I would like to see what’s involved.

  4. Stacy

    This issue of Burda easy fashion doesn’t come in English – only German. After looking at the directions, I figured that I could make it by looking at the pictures and using Babblefish just incase I get stuck!
    I’m actually not convinced that these patterns are any easier than their regular patterns, but just have better directions than the Burda World of Fashion magazine.

  5. linda

    The short coat, the short coat! Wouldn’t that be great if you could create that for under $10!!! Wow.
    Okay – do you have some meds you can take??? I used to not take meds, but my allergies got so bad I had a headache everyday and was useless. Now I’m on a pill, a nasal spray and (not to gross you out)I saline mist out my nose. I had almost forgotten what normal felt like! I hope you start feeling better soon!

  6. Kelly

    Stacy, sorry you’re feeling those darn allergies. At least you got to Joanns for a little retail therapy. I found a (shockingly) great denim on the clearance rack. Got 6yds it was so good. (but for $2.50/yd how can you not?) Take Care!!

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