Sewin’ Up A Sash

The last few days I’ve been doing the household drudgery of laundry, mowing, cleaning, etc. so I haven’t finished as much as what I would have liked on my latest Simpicity dress. However, I did manage to get one more piece done!

The sash is now complete! I didn’t bother to take a picture of it becasue, well, it’s a sash. There’s not really much to it, but would like to point out that the length of this sash is very long – I think that you must start with the middle of the sash in the front, wrap around the back and then tie in the front. I suppose I’ll be able to get a better feel for how this looks after the entire garment is complete. On a construction note – if you do make the sash, the instructions have you leave an extremely large opening for turning the sash right side out, which really isn’t necessary (especially if you’re not using a bulky knit). I greatly reduced the size of opening to (around) 4 inches which gave me plenty of room to turn it right side out, with out pulling or stretching on the seams.
As for other things that I’ve been up to – I joined another Craftster swap. This one is called Suzy Homemaker Swap 2. This swap has you creating one large & 2 small items for a room in your assigned partner’s house. I think it should bring out the Martha in me!
Now, it’s back to the machine to get the top started!